Top 3 Teams Heading to CDL 2021 LA Thieves Home Series

We head to Los Angeles as the Call of Duty League enters Stage 4, Week 3 with the LA Thieves Home Series. Action is ramping up, and CDL Points are on the line for every team making their way this weekend. Every week has been crucial for each of these teams when it comes to placement.

The final eight teams that qualify will compete for that coveted title and the competition’s biggest prize pool. With it being the final week, every match matters. This is the tournament’s first in-person LAN event of the year, so the pressure is on.

Los Angeles Thieves CDL Home Series
photo credit: LA Thieves

If you want to get into esports betting, this is the time to do it. Let’s dive in with the top three CDL teams to keep an eye on this weekend with all this in mind.

Toronto Ultra

The first team on the list is going to the boys from the 6, Toronto Ultra. They are fourth (19-12) in the overall CDL rankings, but they have a much better record with their updated roster.

This time around, they are bringing Insight, Bance, Cammy, and CleanX to LA. They have not changed their roster since the disappointing showing in Stage One, where they placed seventh. With the addition of Insight, they have seen their gameplay improve significantly.
This is not a slight towards Methodz, who was in the lineup before. The team just plays a bit more balanced with Insight on the roster. Let’s see if Toronto can keep its form going into the upcoming weekend.

New York Subliners

The second team to make the list of the top teams is the New York Subliners. Like on this list, they are second (19-9) in the rankings going into this weekend. They are easily one of the most consistent teams in all the Stages, except for the Stage 2 Major, where they placed seventh.

They are bringing Clayster, Asim, Mack, and HyDra to LA. This roster of players finished in the top two in Stage 3 and the Stage 3 Majors. Hydra was not included in the four-person set initially, thanks to travel problems in the first two stages. After an unexpectedly poor showing in the Stage 2 Major, the French phenom replaced Diamondcon.

The lineup change made sense because of Hydra’s reputation as well as his skill. He is easily one of the best players in the tournament series. He has helped this team to top three finishes.

Besides Hydra balancing out the team, the thing that sets the Subliners apart is the way they attack together. They are excellent at communicating when to go and where. It’s just fun to watch them play. It’s easy to see why they are a favorite after coming off of a second-place finish.

Atlanta Faze

Saving the best for last, the Atlanta Faze is the clear favorite for this year’s CDL. They have the best record (26-4) out of every team. They have won every single Major this year except for Stage 2, where they barely lost to Toronto Ultra. Atlanta has been the most consistent team this year.

With a team consisting of some of the best COD players, Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, and Arcitys lead the line for Faze. What makes them so good is their consistency and their playing time together. Besides Arcitys, the whole team has been with Faze for 2+ years.

The way they attack is always entertaining to see. They split into two and take each point together and never find themselves solo unless someone gets eliminated. Atlanta also plays to each other’s strengths. This strategy is what makes them such a formidable team and the favorite to win the tournament.

Written by Michael Martinez