Splinterlands’ upcoming Blockchain game, Genesis League Goals, releases whitepaper

Genesis League Sports (GLS), a sports gaming platform owned by Splinterlands, has released the official whitepaper for its upcoming blockchain game, Genesis League Goals (GLG). The paper includes the game’s roadmap, gameplay and explanation regarding the tokenomic system and its partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA).

The paper highlights the plans for the game, especially concerning its use of blockchain technology. GLG and the GLS ecosystem use the Genesis League Governance (GLX) as its native token. With the token, users can stake rewards, gain eligibility to participate in platform governance and mint Genesis League USD Stablecoins (GLUSD). GLX has a maximum supply of two billion tokens. The token issuing period is planned to last 65 months after its first release.

“We plan to reward 100,000,000 GLX tokens to GLX stakeholders during the first year,” Genesis League Sports wrote. “The staking rewards will last 12 months, with approximately 274,000 GLX tokens awarded daily to GLX stakeholders.”

GLX will be used on all future Genesis League Sports games. Starting October 25, GLX will be airdropped to Splinterlands users who stake on SPS.

“GLS will airdrop 100,000,000 GLX tokens to Splinterlands SPS stakeholders for the first 12 months,” Genesis League Sports added. “The distribution of the GLX airdrop will be determined by a daily snapshot of all the staked SPS holdings over the year.”

The whitepaper explains Genesis League USD Stablecoin (GLUSD) token and Genesis League Game Time (GLGT) token in detail. GLUSD token is a cryptocurrency token designed to have the same value as the U.S. dollar and can be used to buy and sell packs. Players can also use the token to buy, sell and rent NFTs on the Genesis League Sports Marketplace or pay for in-game items and transactions. Meanwhile, the GLGT token is a reward for players who stake GLX tokens or hold GLS validator node licenses.

“These tokens represent “time staked” and give GLX stakers and license holders additional ways to capitalize on the value they are providing to the ecosystem,” Genesis League Sports wrote.

CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich said that his team had been working hard to develop the game’s ecosystem these past few months.

“It’s exciting to see all of the pieces come together in our whitepaper to share with our growing audience,” CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich said. “We believe this whitepaper will be a critical piece in passing on our enthusiasm for our first game for Genesis League Sports. I hope everyone reads it–we have so much coming.”

Upcoming presale

The company plans to launch the game in 2023 and will open a pack presale on October 18. The packs will contain NFT cards featuring MLSPA players.

Players can use the cards in the game’s ecosystem to win matches and earn cryptocurrency. The cards can also be exchanged for cash or sold to other players on the game’s in-game market.

“It’s such an exciting time for Web 3.0,” Reich said. “We are glad to be offering so much to our current [Splinterlands] community as we take this next step into sports gaming, and look forward to welcoming in an expansive new community of sports fans.”