UNDER: Sensorium reveals development of latest virtual land project

Sensorium has revealed the development of UNDER, its latest virtual land platform project. Featuring NFT parcels alongside built-in game mechanics, UNDER aims to explore the potential of metaverse real estate. The project will also be equipped with a gaming library containing numerous casual P2E titles.

The virtual land of UNDER is set on a mystic planet within the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse. It will accompany the PRISM world, where many popular musicians, such as Davit Guetta and Steve Aoki, hold exclusive shows. SENSO Aura (SAr), the main currency of the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, can be found on the UNDER planet. Players can exchange SAr for fiat money.

“UNDER is Sensorium’s high-up Web 3.0. We are very excited about the project coming to life in the coming months,” Sensorium’s Chief Monetization Officer Alex Kim said.

The company plans to release 100,000 parcels, with each plot having built-in games that allow valuable resource mining. Players without land can rent parcels from other players or Sensorium, while landowners can lend their parcels to other players to share their revenue and increase the value of the parcels by upgrading them. The parcels can be upgraded by playing games on the UNDER PLAY gaming catalog.

Users can access the platform through several interfaces. They can use VR headsets for full immersion, or they can use their PCs to experience augmented reality. There is also a mobile application where users can watch streams and create unique NPCs.

“We recognized a market niche and identified consumer demand for virtual land projects that aim higher than simply offering static land parcels for collecting or re-selling purposes,” Kim said.

“The fact is that metaverse users are fast becoming savvy and demanding customers. And as we step into the next generation of digital experiences in a web3 world, we understand that virtual land parcels must have compelling utility, including incredible game mechanics and a sustainable play-to-earn model to support the overall ecosystem.”

The company does not only plan to cater to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Sensorium said they aimed to assist internet users in switching from conventional web2 gaming platforms to web3 experiences.

“Furthermore, UNDER will allow our vast community and fans to start contributing and interacting with the metaverse following its public release,” Kim added.

Sensorium at X-Verse

Founded in 2018, Sensorium has become a leading metaverse developer. Recently, they attended the GITEX event X-Verse, which showcased the latest innovations in extended reality and AI.

“GITEX GLOBAL is one of the most influential events for the tech sector, and we are delighted to once again contribute to its outstanding agenda,” Sensorium deputy CEO and art director Sasha Tityanko said.

“This year, we wanted to take the metaverse one step closer to everyone, ensuring all visitors can experience the different technological advancements that come together at Sensorium Galaxy.”

At the event, Tityanko hosted a panel discussion regarding the potential of virtual artists and beings in AI-powered metaverses.

“From remarkably natural conversations with AI beings to the high-quality generative music created by our virtual artists and the striking visuals available all around the metaverse,” Tityanko said.

“With our program this year, we intend to reshape people’s vision of the metaverse and set new standards for the creation of future virtual environments.”