Square Enix to launch NFT-based game ‘Symbiogenesis’ on Polygon

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Renowned Japanese video game publisher Square Enix announced Wednesday that it would roll out its new NFT-based game, Symbiogenesis, on an Ethereum scaling network called Polygon.

The game, which involves collecting story-driven items, was initially intended to be launched on Ethereum when it was first announced in November. But Square Enix has confirmed that it will use Polygon instead as it employs a sidechain that allows for faster and more affordable transactions compared to Ethereum’s mainnet.

When it was first announced last year, Symbiogenesis received strong backlash from Square Enix’s traditional video game enthusiasts.

Although it is not unusual for Web3 games and projects created by prominent gaming companies to receive such a response, some fans were particularly displeased due to the rumors surrounding the game’s connection to the long-dormant Parasite Eve franchise. However, it has been made clear that these rumors are unfounded.

“Square Enix opted to tap into Polygon’s high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and overall user-friendliness to deliver this unique experience to Web3 fans.”

Naoyuki Tamate, Symbiogenesis game producer

Since November, the publisher has been gradually revealing information about the game through an official Twitter feed. However, despite the planned spring launch, it has yet to release an official website, a complete trailer or any in-game screenshots.

Details on Symbiogenesis

As part of Wednesday’s announcement, Square Enix, known for producing popular titles — such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts — shared some additional information about Symbiogenesis. The game will center around 10,000 character NFTs that are linked to strategic game mechanics, although other NFTs will also be used in the game.

However, as per the document released by Polygon Labs, players do not need to own a character NFT to participate in the game, although it does provide unspecified “extra value” to the gameplay experience. Moreover, those who own a character NFT can generate “replica NFTs” to exchange story information with other players.

Symbiogenesis is set in a future where society dwells on a floating continent above a polluted Earth. When a dragon threatens their safe haven, players will need to unite to make tough choices.

The game will have turn-based gameplay that is tied to the game’s storyline. As players complete missions and either hold or trade NFTs, the narrative of the game will branch out in different directions.

Square Enix has unveiled some of the NFT items that will be available in the game, such as dragon tarot cards and a monster storybook, but details about their cost or their impact on gameplay have not been disclosed.

Square Enix’s moves into Web3

To further establish its presence in the Web3 space, Square Enix has taken several steps in recent years. In addition to investing in the Ethereum metaverse game The Sandbox and announcing plans to revive the Dungeon Siege franchise within its game world, the publisher has also launched NFT collectibles in Japan using the LINE blockchain.

Additionally, it introduced Final Fantasy VII NFTs that are associated with physical action figures through Enjin’s Efinity platform, which is built on Polkadot.

Although some traditional gamers have voiced their concerns about NFTs, Square Enix has maintained its enthusiasm for the technology and further invested in its Web3 initiatives. To finance new business ventures, including Web3 experiences, the publisher sold off a variety of studios and game franchises — including Tomb Raider — for $300 million in May last year.

With Symbiogenesis, Square Enix is making its first proper NFT-based game and first internal project set in the Ethereum ecosystem.