StreamYard: What Streamers Should Know

Broadcasting virtual events, online classes, and work meetings has become a part of our daily routine. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way people have been doing things has changed drastically. Streaming tools have become very popular because of that change. This is where StreamYard comes into play. StreamYard is a new tool that allows users to link up and stream with several people and on multiple platforms simultaneously. Some of the supported sites are YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

image credit: StreamYard

This article will not only show you what StreamYard is but also how it can benefit streamers everywhere.

What is StreamYard?

StreamYard is a tool that allows streamers to stream across different social media networks. StreamYard was created with three things in mind:

  • Easy to use
  • Stability
  • Professional Looking Streams

While it is still a relatively new site, users are already praising the site. They have said that StreamYard makes streaming fun again. Streamers don’t need to know much about technology to get started. Despite StreamYard being so simple, tech people already see how powerful it is under the hood and how effective it is for streaming.

One could imagine how beneficial this tool could have been for esports during the start of the pandemic. With the site’s ability to stream on multiple platforms, the viewership numbers for all the popular games could have skyrocketed.

StreamYard offers three different plans to get started: The Free Version, Basic Plan, and the Professional Plan. Each offers its benefits, and it just depends on how you plan to use the site and how much you plan on streaming.

  • Free Version: This allows the user to broadcast up to 20 hours per month for free. There will also be StreamYard branding in each live stream. With this plan, you can’t custom your screen with your own logo.
  • Basic Plan: For $20 per month, streamers won’t have limited streaming hours. There also won’t be any StreamYard branding in your streams. You can also stream on two different social platforms, amongst other features.
  • Professional Plan: For $39 per month, streamers get everything in the Basic Plan but with a twist. It includes four more streaming hours as well as the ability to stream on five different social platforms.

Key Benefits of StreamYard

Some of the key benefits include quickly creating engaging content with guests, stream on multiple platforms, and being able to personalize your streams. It gives a new perspective on streaming for the viewer.

The best benefit has to be the ability to stream on multiple platforms, depending on the plan, of course. Being able to stream on all the different platforms all at once can be game-changing for streamers, especially for a newer one just starting. You can reach an even bigger audience.

The ability to personalize your stream is available on other streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live Gaming. StreamYard takes it up a notch. Streamers can add their business or personal brand logo, change the background and much more.

If you have a premium plan, you can completely customize your live videos. You can ensure your brand is easy to find in your videos. In addition, you can add a ‘call to action’ to invite your audience to register to your website or buy a product or service. This feature could be huge in building a brand.

Why Should Streamers and Gamers be Excited?

Considering the features, user interface, and pricing, StreamYard is easily one of the best cloud-based live streaming software streamers can use today.

It is relatively cheaper to use in the long run and comes integrated with plug-ins of the most popular streaming platforms. This includes Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, and Periscope. So with that, you can get started on multi-streamed broadcasts.

StreamYard has the potential to change the way streams are viewed and streamed completely. For streamers especially, the ease of adding their socials to their streaming account and stream comfortably is a must. There are so many great benefits to StreamYard it shouldn’t come as a surprise if used more in the coming years.

Written by Michael Martinez