ESTV: What Gamers Should Know

For the longest time, there was never a dedicated platform just for esports. Most gamers had to rely on Twitch, YouTube, or, weirdly enough, ESPN. With their recent surge in popularity, video games and esports needed their dedicated channel. Now that has changed thanks to Esports Television.

What is ESTV?

ESTV is the first 24-7 live, linear video channel dedicated to esports in the U.S. Launched in May 2019, ESTV provides round-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective.

Their goal is to not only focus on the most successful or popular teams and personalities. It will provide an inside perspective on the business, including the competition and the creators behind the largest franchises.

ESTV: What Gamers Should You Know
image credit: ESTV

How You Can Watch ESTV

ESTV is available all across the globe. They have pulled over 26 million viewers in just two short years. It is available to watch on various platforms, including The Roku Live TV Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Dish Sling TV, VIZIO Free Watch, TCL, Hisense, ZEASN, Amazon FireTV, Rakuten TV, RAD TV, PLEX, SelectTV, TikiLIVE, Simul-TV, GlewedTV, KlowdTV, EasyTV, VIVA LiveTV and any Samsung Galaxy mobile device.

ESTV is also available on Youtube and Twitch for free. They also post game clips on these two platforms as well. They are still growing as a company, so it will be exciting to see what they can bring to the esports scene.

What Kind of Content to Expect

When it comes to content, ESTV has plenty of variety to offer. The obvious focus is esports, but there are plenty of options. Four notable content creators have programs on ESTV. NFL Alumni Association, Inside the Game, Enthusiast Gaming, and Esports Tower Rumble. They all have their own sites and channels, but ESTV gives them even more exposure.

Since they are partners with the NFL Alumni Association, they have former players and people from the football industry talking about and playing games. They even have their own esports team.

To note, they also play host to the ESTV NFLA Celebrity Challenge. The NFLA Celebrity Madden and CoD Challenges featured Rashad Jennings, Paul George, Aerial Powers and others who competed in last year’s competitions.

“ESTV is thrilled to be an exclusive broadcast partner of NFLA’s Esports Celebrity Challenge to serve the community,” said Eric Yoon, founder and CEO of ESTV.

Inside the Game offers gamers an inside look at the gaming industry, game reviews, and gaming online. They are a group of six guys who just love video games. They offer a lot of different perspectives as well as their own opinions as well.

Enthusiast Gaming has quite a bit of content on ESTV. They are building a connected social and media network for people in the gaming industry. Enthusiast Gaming has already partnered with big names in the streaming industry like Nick Eh30, Chica and xQcOW.

On ESTV, Enthusiast Gaming features gameplay from big streamers as well as insight from their partners. Already the largest gaming platform in North America and the United Kingdom, the Company’s business consists of four main pillars: Esports, Content, Talent and Entertainment.

ESTV also offers their Esports Tower Rumble. When this program is on, the viewer can watch different esports matches from all over. The notable games on the channel are Rocket League, Valorant, PUBG, and Overwatch.

Written by Michael Martinez