Generating Ideas For Your Live Stream

Nowadays, live streaming has grown into a powerful tool to improve, engage and show your brand or personal image to everyone. Here you can find some ideas to introduce yourself into the live streaming world and up your live stream game.

The Importance of Fresh Content

Generating Ideas For your Live Stream
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First of all, you have to generate ideas for your live stream. It is important to know which video game you should stream or what topic is trending to show your knowledge about it.
You should identify the platform that is comfortable for you and that is linked with identifying your audience.

One of the common mistakes of some streamers is that they do the same thing. They play the same game that gave them popularity, we know that the audience always wants more.
If you want to start as a streamer or start gaming online, it is important that you always have new ideas and fresh content in order to get your audience engaged with you.

Planning Your Ideas on Paper

It is common that, at the beginning, you have thought of lots of ideas of what to stream first. It is probably related to your favorite video game, your favorite topic or your desire to be like your favorite streamer.

But will these ideas really get you started correctly?

We don’t know, but it is important to write all the ideas that you could think of as a brainstorming on a piece of paper, and link each one to get better and stronger ideas.
If you don’t know what to do on your live stream, type on google and let the autocomplete function identify what people are looking for.

Also, you can get started in live streaming by following ideas from your favorite streamer, or can make a mix of what is on gaming online. But always engage your audience more than everything.

Prioritizing your Ideas

Once you have your ideas on a piece of paper and you link every crazy idea, it is time to prioritize and categorize them.
Categorizing your ideas will help you choose a good theme for your live stream and get organized. For example, you could stream an important tournament and your audience will expect to watch this competition.

If you have prioritized your ideas, you can prepare and learn more about the relative topic and not seem like it is improvised.
After that, you should create a diverse schedule so your content does not become monotonous.

Executing Your Ideas

Once you have generated ideas for your live stream, categorized your topics and have your schedule ready, it is time to execute your ideas.
First of all, you need a basic, comfortable setup.

You have to test your internet connection to make sure it is appropriate for streaming as you do not want to sound like a robot. Before starting a live stream, make sure you know and understand your preferred streaming app. We recommend OBS for beginners as it is easy to use. After you have entered the world of livestreaming, remember to be consistent, as this is the key to continuously growing your community.

Written by Renato Valladares