Gamers Getting More Views on YouTube

In 2015 Google introduced YouTube Gaming to the public to challenge Twitch in the streaming market. Google would launch an app that allowed gamers to have another outlet to utilize to create content. In 2018 the app flopped. However, content creators still have found a ton of success by streaming and posting content directly to YouTube.

Famous gamers such as AfroSenju, Dr. Disrespect, and countless others have flourished under the platform. For those trying to reach the heights of YouTube gaming, here are some tips to help get you there.

Gaming Getting More View on YouTube
image credit: CNET

Make Sure You Have The Basics

When you begin creating content, make sure you have all the physical parts needed to have quality content, such as mics, webcams, stream deck and capture cards. Thinking about your target audience is important as well. Every popular video game has loyal fans, and it is important to draw those fans to your page. When gaming online, do not be afraid to invite your fans into games to show your ability to interact with the audience you accumulate.

Improve Your Video Search Rankings

When deciding to start a career in gaming content, it is important to think about the number of videos you can create. Consistency is key to improving your video search ranking, which means making sure your audience is constantly being fed new content to enjoy.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Clickbait is a word often used to describe videos that don’t give us the satisfaction that we were seeking from the video. However, making sure the thumbnail is creative and makes a viewer want to click is important. DO NOT exaggerate the title of a video but make sure that it sparks intrigue amongst fans and subscribers.

Building Relationship with Audience

Your subscribers are key to your success. Over time as you grow in popularity, your channel will begin to grow its fan base. That fan base is loyal to you, so they hope you reciprocate the feelings to them. Having your fans participate in events like giveaways and gaming lobbies will help maintain satisfaction in your audience.

Written by John Robinson IV