Restream: What Should Streamers Know

In under a decade, Restream grew from a bootstrapping startup company to a prominent multistreaming service. It even so far has attracted enough attention to become a provider for major platforms like Facebook.

But besides Restream’s impressive celebrity, what other factors does it have for streamers to be genuinely excited about? With that consideration in mind, here is some information you and other fellow streamers should know about Restream.

Restream: What Streamers Should Know
image credit: Restream

What is Restream

Restream began as a gaming-only multistreaming service created by American-Ukrainian duo Alexander Khuda and Andrew Surzhynski in 2014. They ran the startup with little to no monetary support for its early life.

The service was initially free for streamers looking to build their audience by broadcasting their games on multiple platforms at once.

As Restream’s popularity grew, it slowly gained key partnerships with prominent platforms and parties. By 2018, it supported VK, AfreecaTV, Bilibili, Microsoft, and even the Mexican federal government.

As stated before, Restream collaborated with a vast array of customers that ranges from gaming companies to political campaigns. According to the Restream website, it currently delivers 8 million broadcasts and 600 million engaged viewers monthly.

What Products Does Restream Provide

The Restream’s Studio feature provides an assortment of benefits that improve streamers’ interactivity with their audience. Of course, users can manage their streams across various platforms simultaneously. Users can keep track of all the platforms they’re broadcasting by using the dashboard of the Restream Studio.

Analytics are covered as well. Streamers can view their broadcast performance in real-time across their social media feeds on the main dashboard of the studio.

Not only that, streamers can understand what kind of content directs their viewers. With an interactive dashboard that shows all the numbers one needs to know, streamers attain better insight into their audience.

Restream also assists its users by providing a variety of customizable facets for their streams. Personal management of templates, logos, overlays, watermarks, polls, and chat not only augments a streamer’s capabilities.

If handled correctly, it will build a devoted following in the same way it did for many others in the past.

Nevertheless, Restream’s reach doesn’t cover just online gaming. It can also cover a whole web of projects. Such projects cover company updates, interviews, product launches and demos, promotional campaigns for sales, workshops, classes, and conferences.

Why Should Streamers Get Excited For This

Although similar to other services like Castr and Streamlabs, Restream excels in its seamless integration with top software for its multistreaming feature. With this, streamers can easily broadcast themselves on however many platforms they desire to use.

Restream’s multistreaming service, through the help of their growth and collaborations over the years, has risen to the forefront of online interaction. Because of this, more streamers are beginning to rely on Restream as their go-to studio to expand their audience.

People spanning from distinct walks of life have vouched for Restream’s reliability in their respective projects. Through Restream and its stellar track record, they could successfully fulfill their obligations with flying colors. Whether it is to grow an audience or complete a deadline, Restream virtually does no wrong in helping its users flourish.

Written by Pedro Romero