Facebook Gaming Review 2021

Current State of Facebook Gaming

On June 1, 2018, Facebook Gaming launched as the latest platform in a video game live streaming industry cluttered with contenders. Similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, users can broadcast gaming online to expand their audience and earn a living.

Serving as an extension to Facebook’s initial allowance of live streaming in August 2015, its gaming platform attempted to garner interest from the jump by signing notable content creators like Alodia Gosiengfiao, Thepoolshark, and Disguised Toast to exclusive contracts.

Game Review: Facebook
image credit: New Straits Times

Since then, Facebook Gaming’s popularity has exploded, fighting with Twitch and YouTube Gaming as one of the three biggest platforms in recent years. Despite starting far later than its rivals, Facebook Gaming is growing at an exponential rate.

Helped by its versatile housing of numerous games and burgeoning base of content creators, Facebook Gaming recorded nearly 1.18 billion hours watched by Q1 2021, according to Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet.

More fans are browsing the site with interest, the brand is gaining credibility through its representatives, and its profitability is growing in spades. Simply enough, things are going well for Facebook’s gaming platform which validates our gaming review.

Nevertheless, one must also note the issues that restrict the platform when reviewing its usability. Here is a gaming review of the advantages and challenges Facebook Gaming has today.

Advantages of Facebook Gaming

The first advantage to consider is through Facebook, the mega-popular social network that rakes in billions of visits per day. Users can promote their streams from their feed and distribute them to people outside of the general fanbase, essentially reeling new viewers to their benefit.

While all major video game live streaming platforms have a mobile app, Facebook Gaming users can stream themselves playing games on their phones. For those looking to stamp their presence in mobile gaming, Facebook Gaming is the go-to app. It is convenient, reliable, and practical.

With a creator-friendly monetization policy, people streaming on Facebook Gaming can earn enough money to sustain their careers. With the Level Up Creator program, users gain access to in-platform currency named Stars, deliver ads to streams, and customized support before, during and after broadcasts.

Challenges with Facebook Gaming

While it takes little time for people to advertise their broadcast in their Facebook feed, they can’t say the same when they do it on other websites. They can use sites like Twitter to advertise their broadcast.

Unlike its competitors, Facebook Gaming situates a small portion of the parent social network. Since 2004, Facebook has catered to an endless arrangement of subjects besides gaming, but it took 14 years to introduce gaming as a distinguished feature.

Furthermore, more work is required on Facebook’s part to appeal its brand to a younger audience should they want to dominate video game live streaming. Twitch and YouTube are settled in the public’s consciousness when they think of video game live streaming. Only then will Facebook Gaming prosper even greater than it already has.

Written by Pedro Romero