Suicide Squad, Peacemaker director James Gunn shares his three best video games

James Gunn comic con 2016

James Gunn turns out to be much of a gamer himself. The famous director, known for directing “The Guardian of the Galaxy” movies, Suicide Squad, and television series Peacemaker, has never exposed the gamer side of him that much before. It lasted until recently when Gunn answered fans’ questions and revealed a list of video games that are his all-time favorites.

A Twitter account named Middulman asked the question to Gunn, to which the 55-year-old filmmaker replied by mentioning three video games titles: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), Defense Grid, and Mass Effect.

“Ask me my top 3,” wrote Gunn in Twitter, which later replied by Middulman, “Video games.”

As for the first title, Gunn is known to have been mentioning KOTOR several times in the past. As quoted by, the Missouri native director previously referred to the video game as his “favorite Star Wars thing out of all Star Wars games, movies, TV shows, toys, and comics.”

Gunn to direct Star Wars?

While the second name might be quite a shock for some fans to hear, due to it is a rather classic tower defense game which critically acclaimed as a genre-defining. As quoted by Game Rant, the game features story and gameplay that could last for only 8-10 hours, with roughly 20 unique maps. Explaining his love for the game which everyone could find in various gaming apps, Gunn said in follow-up comments that he plays ‘every tower defense game there is’.

As for Mass Effect and KOTOR, it is unclear by his tweet whether Gunn meant the two games as the first KOTOR and the first Mass Effect. Otherwise, it could be that he simply meant it as the entirety of KOTOR games, the Mass Effect trilogy, and/or Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The public today surely knows James Gunn more for his works in the movie and television space. However, the history Gunn’s had with video games has been also widely recorded throughout the year. In 2012, Gunn is the co-writer of the game Lollipop Chainsaw with Masahiro Yuki. Gunn had also previously revealed on his press tour for 2021’s The Suicide Squad that the zombie-fighting game he co-wrote even served as the inspiration for the Harley Quinn fight scene in the movie.

With Gunn has once again stated his love for the world of gaming, the conversation arose from the Twitter space with many asking the possibility for the director making a movie adaptation version for one of his three favorite titles.

Last year, this conversation had previously surfaced when players called Gunn to direct a Star Wars movie adaption following his announcement on KOTOR as one of his favorite games. The game has culminated a passionate following since it was first released to the public on the original Xbox nineteen years ago. It has also been adapted to PC and Nintendo Switch, and a remake is reportedly in development on PlayStation 5.

However, it is rather unfortunate for those hopeful fans at that time as Gunn stated that not everything needs a film version.