Gaming NFT project Pixelmon receives backlash following underwhelming reveal

pixelmon - screenshot

Pixelmon the long-awaited gaming NFT project which raised over $70 million has surprised fans and even its founder over the project’s unacceptable reveal, and “comical” artworks.

Pixelmon’s founder Syber said in a tweet that the project reveal was unacceptable and the current existing artwork failed in showing investors about the game’s true form.

“The Pixelmon reveal was unacceptable. This is what our Pixelmon look like in-game. Our NFT art failed to reflect this,” the founder said in a tweet.

Although Syber has apologized on his Discord server, it was not enough to calm down the angry group of investors, and shortly after many dubbed the project as broken, even accusing it of a scam.

“So @Pixelmon raised over $70m at 3 ETH per mint just for them to reveal like this. I think it’s fair to say all the buyers were rugged,” a user named zachxbt tweeted. “Stop supporting cash grab NFT projects.”

Syber further added the goal still has not changed and funds raised on the project will be used to build the game.

Project goals, expectations

According to project founder Syber, Pixelmon is intended to be the first triple-A NFT game with a primary sale priced at 3ETH (roughly $8,100). The project aims to introduce investors and players to an open-world NFT RPG video game.

Although, at a glance, Pixelmon has a pixelated art style similar to Minecraft and an overall intended playstyle just like Pokemon.

Further, players will be able to catch, collect and trade their Pixelmon or creatures which are the centerpiece of the project that comes in different shapes and sizes. While exclusive Pixelmon or “Generation 1 Pixelmon” will only be made available during the project mint and cannot be captured in-game.

Prior to its disastrous reveal, Pixelmon has gained more than 211,000 followers on Twitter and many were excited about the project. But, soon enough, the project reveal has proven otherwise.

Pixelmon’s 3D downscale, Unity assets

Following the reveal, many accused that Pixelmon is using Unity stock assets which led to the project’s major backlash over its “questionable looks” and 3D downscale.

A large Twitter thread has been made to discuss the possibility of stock Unity assets being used in Pixelmon and screenshots of conversations have been shared between the project creators’ intention in purchasing Unity assets.

Further, the thread also revealed that an individual is on a huge NFT purchase spree after receiving millions of dollars in funding as per TweakTown.

In light of the major backlash, Syber defended the project’s artwork adding that OpenSea, which is the platform where Pixelmon was revealed has limitations in 3D compatibility, therefore the project must compromise.

“This is what the NFTs look like in-game. OpenSea has limitations to their 3D compatibility so we had to continuously downscale this (in 3D) to fit what they could handle,” Syber tweeted. “And so, some look a shitty game from the 90s right now and do not reflect what they look like in game.”

Regular live streamer and Axie Infinity player Brycent spoke to Decrypt that it will be difficult for the team behind Pixelmon to recover and justify the initial value of 3ETH.

“It’s going to be very difficult for the Pixelmon team to be able to provide value that justifies a 3 ETH mint price,” Brycent said. “And when you raise $70 million, that means you need to be able to provide $70 million worth of value.”

It remains unclear how Pixelmon will turn out in the end after its rocky reveal lunch. But the founder remains optimistic about the project to make a better comeback.