Nest Arcade to launch $NEST token, more NFT projects

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Nest Arcade, one of the first play-to-earn (P2E) NFT gaming platforms is set to launch its NFT collection and P2E games.

As game developers tried their fortunes in integrating NFTs and video games, the P2E genre has gained relatively good traction amidst the video gaming community’s hatred of combining NFTs and video games.

One of the many reasons to explain these projects is because they are not inclusively priced to start with and this limits the type of player count a certain game can achieve which may affect greatly its popularity.

Nest Arcade’s ambitions, more details on $NEST token

Nest Arcade has set up its ambitious goals onwards as the “Netflix” or “App Store” of P2E, providing players with a wide selection of crypto games in the future.

In the case of Nest Arcade, the platform aims to remove these stereotypes and friction of P2E games. In doing so, the platform is set to tap into the emerging market of mobile gaming and tried to reach the market’s massive user base count.

Each of Nest Arcade’s games will have NFT support and since the platform puts heavy emphasis on P2E games, players will be able to earn $NEST token while playing. Worth noting that the gaming platform is running and powered on the Solana blockchain best known for providing support for developers in creating crypto-related apps.

As for the $NEST token, it runs the platform’s economy, and since no more token will ever be made, players will only be limited to 1 billion $NEST token. To receive the said tokens, playing on the platform is a bit general, thus rewarding tokens is made based on skills and efforts spent to receive the token. $NEST token can be used on power-ups and purchasing NFTs on the platform’s marketplace.

Other than power-ups and marketplace, players may risk their tokens by entering tournaments for a chance to win other players’ tokens. While staking the tokens will allow players to receive a certain amount of $NEST transaction fees, in-game earnings for Nest Arcade and to reduce any fees players may encounter on the platform.

Other than $NEST functionality and its use for the platform, the token is reportedly is approaching its initial offering or IDO across the Solana ecosystem high-level launchpads scheduled from March 2-6, 2022.

Two days after the token’s IDO, $NEST is scheduled for public trade on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Nest Arcade previous, upcoming NFT collection

While current developments for NFTs and video games received harsh comments from the gaming community, its development shows no sign of slowing down following P2E game developers is trying to set foot in the video game industry.

For starters, take Nest Arcade’s success with its NFT collection titled “MetaBirds” launched in November last year. The collection has surpassed 1,100 $SOL or approximately $112,200 in trading volume and the price has grown tremendously since the collection’s minting period.

In addition, the platform’s upcoming ambition is to create entirely new 3D characters set to be made available by the end of April 2022.

Thus far, the platform has accumulated relatively strong supporters for its NFT project and collection. This year’s new project and new games planned further strengthen the platform’s place in the gaming industry.