Elden Ring reports performance issues on PS5, Xbox Series X/S nearing February 25 launch

Elden Ring says

FromSoftware’s new entry title Elden Ring is just around the corner as critics and the community has praised the many aspects of the game, although it appears that Elden Ring is struggling to deliver its best performance on consoles and PC upfront.

In a report by Eurogamer, Elden Ring struggles to achieve 60fps on the game’s launch day patch 1.02. Eurogamer added, on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the game’s fps runs in the range of 45-60fps for performance mode and when the quality mode (higher resolution) is turned on, each platform records 30-60fps on unlocked frame rates.

Elden Ring’s staggering poor technical performance is a shocker to many since the game’s further results on both consoles based on the same report suggest Elden Ring “is rarely – if ever – achieved on PS5 or Series X” 60fps let alone stable graphics above 60fps.

More about performance issues, solutions

There are ways to get around the game’s performance issue and achieve stable FPS. For PS5, players are suggested to play the PS4 version instead, of course at the expense of lower resolution or 1800p, and slightly less eye-pleasing graphics on the screen. As for both Series X/S, matching the screen’s refresh rate to that of the game should provide a smoother gameplay experience.

Meanwhile, the game’s PC version suffers its own issues with Elden Ring’s patch 1.02. On PC, FromSoftware employs DirectX 12 for the game as the developer tried their first journey with low-level APIs for PC. Similar to other titles using DirectX 12, frame rate issues can be very severe and distracting, especially when the game tries to load many items, enemies, and new in-game environment all at the same time.

The problem above appears to have struck Elden Ring as the game loads new enemies, effects, and moves to new areas. To make things worse, the PC version of the game is yet to support things such as 60fps above frame rates, ultrawide monitors, and a lack of visible graphical scaling options.

This might be too early for the game as it is still fairly fresh out of the box. But, for performance-head fans, frame rate drops can be very distracting on current-gen consoles, which similar case can be found on PlayStation exclusive Days Gone’s reaching 30fps and lower on release.

Positive reviews, high-stakes near launch

As for Elden Ring, the stakes are high due to many positive reviews the game accumulated prior to its release date. From IGN’s 10/10 score calling it a “masterpiece”, GameSpot’s 10/10 score, and 97 scores on Metacritic.

In light of all Elden Ring’s positive reviews, fans go out on social media to tweet about the game’s early performance. Adding things from how does the game passed its amazing reviews with poor performance issues and some even compared Elden Ring with Cyberpunk 2077’s issues on launch.

Developer FromSoftware is yet to make any comments about this matter. However, fans should expect game fixes through future patch updates as the game is set to launch on February 25, 2022, for PS5, PS4. Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.