Improving Your Video Game Marketing

Social Media and Gaming

The video game industry grew more than 20% in 2020. The rise of gaming platforms has brought more scale and connectedness to the world. Players can now connect to other players on various platforms when gaming online. Twitch, Discord and other social media platforms have become major sites for gamers and streamers.

While many people play games as a hobby, some are professional players. These players make a living from endorsements, winnings and content creation. This is where video game marketing comes to play. Social media blows up whenever there’s an E3, Nintendo Direct or esports tournament. Esports stars and Twitch streamers have a large amount of engagement on popular social media platforms. This shows how connected social media and online gaming are.

Video Game Marketing
image credit: Game Marketing Genie

Any streamer or professional player who intends to take gaming to the next level will have to master social media. They will have to learn the various skills involved in video game marketing.

Hype up Events

There is a massive opportunity for esports teams and developers to grow their audiences right now. Due to the increasing popularity of streaming platforms, streamers can quickly get attention with the right hype.

Writing about an event on social media is one of the easiest ways to promote yourself in video game marketing. However, it can also be effective. You can build up hype and anticipation for these events by simply sharing the details. A good post about your event can help boost your search engine results and provide valuable content to your audience. Guest streaming can also be a great way to create hype and promote your event.

Create a list of other streamers in the industry that are relevant to your audience and connect with them. This will increase the reach of your posts, and it will help you attract a larger audience. This brings us to our next point.

Partner with Streamers

With over 100,000 followers on Twitch, a streamer is now an influencer. They become part of a huge group of young people who are influenced by their various interests. With more and more streamers becoming influencers, it makes sense to partner with them. Doing so not only introduces new players and viewers to your streams but also shows off your marketing efforts.

Just like you, other streamers are looking to grow. Many streamers are looking for opportunities to expand their reach. This means that finding a streamer to partner with should not be difficult.
You want to find a streamer with similar content, and if possible, a larger fanbase than you. This is a great video game marketing strategy as it will surely help an upcoming streamer gain popularity.

Empower your Community

Streamers should recognize the passion of gamers and their fans by providing them with the tools and resources to make them feel valued. Anything from a simple shout-out to sharing the works of your fans can go a long way in video game marketing.

If you have dedicated followers, showing off their works and listening to their contributions is a great way to empower your community. This makes them feel welcomed and a part of what you are doing. You can also do giveaways, competitions and even invite viewers to games. Empowering your community through various ways ensures longevity. It also makes your streams more popular and makes fans more eager to join your community.

Written by Echoga Emmanuel