Top 5 Best Call of Duty Teams of All Time

The growth that fans have seen from Call of Duty esports over the years has been quite amazing, from the different play styles of each team to the tournament size and even the prize money. Everything gets bigger and better every year. Fans have had the opportunity to see some of the best players and teams esports has ever seen. But what makes them so great, and who are the best ones ever to play? Here is a list of the top five best Call of Duty teams of all time. This list will be very useful to you when you will start betting on esports matches of Call Of Duty.

Top 5 Best Call of Duty Teams of All Time

5. Fariko Impact (Black Ops 2)

Starting the list at number five is Fariko Impact. At the 2013 World Championships, Fariko came in as the favorites, alongside EnVy and OpTic. The powerhouse went undefeated in group play and provided some of the best play in the entire tournament. Their only loss came to EnVy, who they would meet again and get their revenge in the Grand Finals.

Fariko was a unique team with four strong personalities amongst them. They had Karma and KiLLa leading the team and Parasite and the youngster MiRx coming in during the season.

Despite that, they managed to make it work when it came to game time. It was their business-like approach to their matches that consistently helped them win their games. This is what makes them one of the best Call of Duty teams of all time and cements their dynasty.

4. Atlanta Faze (Cold War)

Atlanta Faze takes the number four spot on this list. While they may have a small sample size and have only been around for two years, their talent is undeniable. Faze brought in Arcitys to join the core three of Simp, Cellium and AbeZy. The four clicked instantly and have dominated everyone in 2021, winning three out of four Majors in the process.

The talent of these players is what makes them so dominant. They compliment each other’s strengths perfectly. Fans have not seen this level of dominance since the days of compLicity’s days of domination. While they are still a newer team, Atlanta Faze has already cemented themselves as one of the best COD teams of all time.

3. compLexity/Evil Geniuses (Ghosts)

Coming in in the top three is compLexity. compLexity Gaming was the undisputed best team in Call of Duty from June 2013 until Karma left the team in September 2014. Any team that went against this powerhouse lost 3-0 and got a free trip to the losers bracket.

The core three of ACHES, TeePee and Crimsix, along with either Claystr, who was dropped before the Ghosts event, won twelve of the sixteen major offline events they attended together during their reign and only missed the grand final twice. The addition of Karma in 2014 brought a new calmness to the team. What was once a fiery team became a very calm, cool and collected machine.

2. compLexity (Black Ops 2)

We come back to compLexity for the number two spot, but this time including Claystr. Mostly dominant during the Black Ops 2 days, compLexity was always the team to beat. After beating Fariko in the 2013 MLG Anaheim tournament, they would continue their dominance and win the next five out of six, further cementing themselves as one of the best ever to play.

This compLexity squad was all passion. Clayster brought a spark that propelled himself and Aches into superstar status. The two of them together were nearly unmatched. Those two, along with TeePee’s consistency and Crimsix’s talent, the team was no match for anyone. The trash talk, the consistency, and the overall gameplay make them one of, if not the best team.

1. OpTic Gaming (Advanced Warfare)

OpTic Gaming: Call of Duty Teams

Rounding out the list at number one is OpTic Gaming. OpTic Gaming is one of the more storied organizations within the competitive side of the Call of Duty franchise. Their dominance in Advanced Warfare was unlike anything fans have ever seen. It all started with a big roster change after failing to perform in the 2014 COD Champs.

Replacing a retiring NadeShot, Karma came in, and it was game over for everyone they went up against. Similar to Atlanta FaZe this year, they were all incredibly talented.

We can argue that Formal, Scump, Karma and Crimsix were the top four players in the game at the time. Their ability to complement and play together was unmatched.

Not one team has dominated a COD title like OpTic Gaming in Advanced Warfare. Time will tell if anyone else can do what they achieved. This makes them the best Call of Duty team of all-time.