Three NFT gaming projects collaborate to establish new trend in GameFi industry

iDos Games, Big Forge Games and WarQube have partnered to announce a new line of NFT skins that can be used for their upcoming three games — WarQube, ShootGun, and Lift & Shoot.

The three games belong to different genres, but they share a similar enough art style that players can use the NFT skins for each of the games without damaging their immersion. The three companies are planning on building a linked, in-game interface to allow players to easily access play-to-earn aspects of the game without needing prior familiarity with blockchain technology.

In the future, the companies plan to create more NFT content that is interoperable between a larger network of games, giving player-owned NFTs higher value and freedom as well as paving the way for interoperable NFTs assets to become the next trend in blockchain games.

About the companies and their upcoming games

WarQube is a blockchain-based cooperative multiplayer game that looks to be a mix of Tower Defense, MOBA, and Isometric Shooters. Players can enjoy a balanced economy with a combination of free-to-play and play-to-earn models to make it accessible to those without a background in cryptocurrency.

The game is planned to have three different modes: a player-verses-environment mode where players must protect a base from enemies, a player-versus-player arena shooting mode and a four-man raid mode where players can earn unique NFTs for killing bosses together.

The developers of WarQube are planning to create a metaverse for WarQube to give fans a way of interacting with each other by providing each player a room to show off their items and skins. The game currently does not have a release date.

ShootGun, developed by iDos Games, is a F2P NFT mobile shooter that allows players to earn crypto-tokens by fighting in arena battles. The company focused on creating mobile games due to its accessibility, convenience, and growing user base.

Shooter games tend to be outshone by other types of genres such as MOBAs, Puzzle Games, and MMORPGs. iDos Games is looking to change that by creating an accessible, mobile shooter game that uses blockchain technology to empower its players and allow them to enter the crypto sphere using mobile games. The game is slated to be released on October 22 for Android devices.

Meanwhile, Lift & Shoot is a third-person shooter that combines Roguelike and Line Defense elements. Players will fight against hordes of zombies and can earn tokens and NFTs via completing in-game challenges and missions. Not much else is known about the game at this point in time.

Its developer, Big Forge Games, is also the creator of the BFG Launcher, which serves as a platform for all its existing titles. The company has developed seven games under a variety of genres, such as card battler, tower defense, and MOBA. Players will be able to access the BFG-verse Meta City to interact with other fans and trade NFTs. The new NFT skins for Lift & Shoot will likely be available for trade on this platform, although collaboration with BGF’s other games has not been announced.