Davide Matteazzi to lead Kryptomon’s ‘Physital-Wearable’ launch

Kryptomon has recruited Davide Matteazzi, the former global merchandising director of Diesel, to lead the launch of its physical NFT merchandise as its main merchandising and marketplace officer.

The company is looking to get the expertise necessary to successfully introduce the idea of merged physical and digital goods to the general marketplace, and Matteazzi’s experience with Diesel and Calvin Klein Jeans will be invaluable for the company.

While digital wearables aren’t anything new, Kryptomon will be one of the first companies to combine the concept with physical merchandise and blockchain technology.

“We are very excited to introduce merchandise that has a real impact in the Kryptomon universe and diversify how our community interacts with digital wearables. Adding Davide to our growing team to bring this project to fruition will ensure our community remains at the forefront of how we roll out our physical NFT products,” said Umberto Canessa Cerchi, CEO of Kryptomon.

Digital wearables and NFT project longevity

Digital wearables have grown extensively in online gaming communities. DMarket estimated that the market for digital wearables was around $40 billion in 2020, and Meta’s partnerships with Prada, Thom Browne, and Balencia have massive implications for the future of digital wearables as metaverse technologies continue to develop.

The digital wearables marketplace started to get off the ground as a result of earlier gaming experiments with tradeable cosmetics, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s skin economy with the Steam Marketplace. As metaverse items have value in being unique due to blockchain technology, it is expected that metaverse projects would look to make their own forays into the digital wearables economy.

Kryptomon is looking to work its way into the market by tying real-world merchandise to digital items that avatars can also wear. These NFTs will also give in-game bonuses beyond cosmetics, and they get stronger as the player collects more pieces of a certain set. This ensures that even if an NFT looks undesirable to players, there will still be an in-game incentive for collectors to trade them.

The company has recently completed a $10 billion fundraising round to pursue its ideas for physical NFT products. Matteazzi believes that digital wearables will be key to the longevity of NFT projects, saying,

“Digital wearables have a bright future and show a clear path for NFT longevity. I’m thrilled to join Kryptomon as the project brings something truly unique to the field of metaverse gaming and can’t wait to start building their real-world and digital wearable selection.”

About the Kryptomon project

Kryptomon is a metaverse project where players assume the role of caretakers to NFT pet monsters. These NFT monsters are capable of a wide variety of behaviors such as learning, being hungry, and getting sick, as well as performing miscellaneous activities.

Players will need to nurture and train their monsters to handle the challenges in the world. They can also customize their avatars using digital wearables and trade items with each other.

Through a combination of blockchain technology, location-based technology and digital genetics, the Kryptomon project seeks to create a unique experience for its players as they explore a living, breathing world it created.