Overwatch Streamers: The Top 5

Overwatch might be a five-year-old game, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t pull numbers. There are still 10 million active players worldwide. Even its streaming views are still strong. The OWL still pulls on average 17k a month. Just this month alone, the game is pulling 15k viewers. It’s still early in the month, so those numbers can still go even higher.

While the numbers are lower than they have been over the last few years, it doesn’t mean the game is dying out. Overwatch streamers are still going strong and will keep going until Overwatch 2 comes out.

Top 5 Overwatch Streamers
image credit: Activision-Blizzard

Sometimes you want to see Overwatch on your screen, but you don’t want to load up the game and play it yourself. That is okay. That is where Streamers come in. There are plenty of Overwatch Streamers to watch, but which are the best ones? Here is a list of the top five Overwatch Streamers.

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5. JordanFisher

Starting off the list at number five is the Disney star JordanFisher. While he is more well known for his work with Disney and the fact that he is a variety streamer, he is also known to dab a little into Overwatch streaming. Despite his status as a celebrity, he may not get the most views in a single stream. That does not mean he’s worth the watch.

What people love most about him is his positivity. He doesn’t use Twitch for money or fame. He uses it to send positive messages out there and to interact with fans.

The thing that can turn viewers away is his singing. While he may not be as bad as Brendan Urie, he still has moments when he randomly sings. This is why he makes it at number five on this Overwatch Streamers list.

4. Fran

It feels like the world of Overwatch Streamers is run by the boys, but Fran has climbed her way up the charts. Her talent on various support heroes, especially Zenyatta and Baptiste, is a big draw for viewers. It’s her vivacious personality that keeps them coming back.

Fran takes over the role of the shot caller during games and always calls out bad sportsmanship when necessary. Not many people have the guts to do this.

The only complaint people have about her is also what makes her so likable. There are times where it is almost too bold. When she calls people out, it sometimes tiptoes the line of toxicity.

3. Keprii

Coming in at number three is Keprii. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Overwatch, then you will know who this streamer is. His sniping ability with any hero is insane to watch. His personality makes him very easy to watch and makes him likable. He has the second most followers on Twitch, and it shows.

What sets Keprii apart from the others is that not only a top player, but he also gives out plenty of tips to become better. He is not condescending when he does it, either.

2. Harbleu

The runner-up on this list is Harbleu. If you’re looking for high-skill tank play without as much noise as other streamers, Harbleu is the choice for you. He has been around for the game’s earliest days.

While he has his moments of loud confusion, he has a much more soothing and educational tone that many fans prefer. Harbleu is usually pretty good about explaining his actions and revealing his thought process as he climbs through the ranks. He is an excellent streamer to watch for beginners as well.

1. Emonng

Emongg Overwatch Top Streamer
image credit: Dot Esports

Topping the list is former pro player Emonng. He used to be a partnered Overwatch streamer with the Philadelphia Fusion but beginning to just stream for himself. Since the early days, being around has spent years building up his reputation as one of the overall best streamers on Twitch.

What makes him a top-tier streamer is a fact that he stays calm and positive during matches. Competitive Overwatch can be toxic at times, but he does not let it affect him.

The thing that makes Emonng so likable is that he is a natural shot-caller in the game like Fran. He finds ways to direct his team and positively motivates them toward a potential win. It’s not too common that you see someone do that.

Written by Michael Martinez