Top Valorant Streamers to Watch

The Rise of VALORANT

There is no doubt that the tactical FPS (First Person Shooter) VALORANT, has attracted an insane amount of attention recently. With its popularity on the rise, so has its content on twitch as various streamers have attracted thousands of viewers.

With this in mind, people are wondering which VALORANT streamers are the best to watch or who is attracting the most views on twitch.
These streamers have different personalities, playstyles and overall relationships with viewers, and this leads to viewers having preferences based on what they enjoy most.

Some players just watch streamers for the fun of it and enjoy their personalities or style of play, while others who are more competitive look for the most skillful and competitive streamers out there.

That being said, here are our top five best VALORANT streamers to watch based on the average amount of views they get on Twitch.

Top Valorant Streamer to Watch
image credit: Riot Games

#5 Valorant Streamer to watch.

The first on our list is Punz, a streamer packing up to 1,777,660 viewer hours, with his peak viewers on a stream reaching 48,230. Punz has streamed over 42 hours in a week and has averaged just under 10,000 viewers. He has reached a peak of 15,216 viewers.

He comes in last in our list as he still plays a variety of other games while playing VALORANT. This makes it even more remarkable that he can attract this many viewers.

#4 Valorant Streamer to watch.

Next up is Hiko. Hiko almost exclusively streams VALORANT and has over 1,800,000 viewers hours in a week. His overall peak viewers is just around 35,838 which is less than Punz. He consistently streams VALORANT and maintains roughly 16,000 viewers, however. These numbers are quite impressive as Hiko is also a professional VALORANT player for 100 Thieves.

#3 Valorant Streamer to watch.

ShahZaM comes in third, with a total of 2,215,642 viewer hours. He has spent 193 hours live with an overall peak viewers of 23,725. ShahZam is a professional player for Sentinels and has streamed a lot of Ranked VALORANT. He often streams over 40 hours a week and consistently maintains over 10,000 average viewers. ShahZaM is another excellent choice for VALORANT fans looking for high-level gameplay and an entertaining personality.

#2 Valorant Streamer to watch.

The second best Valorant streamer to watch based on average views is Jasper7se. He comes right after ShahZam with a total of 2,465,943 viewer hours but is not as competitive or consistent.
Jasper7se has achieved over 36,000 viewers and plays a mix of VALORANT and other games while streaming. He has streamed over 50 hours in a week and averages roughly 8,000 viewers.

#1 Valorant Streamer to watch.

Top Valorant Streamer
image credit: Twitter

At the very top of our list is stylishnoob4. stylishnoob4 has a total of 2,851,144 viewer hours and peaked at 45,118 viewers. He has streamed for almost 50 hours in a week, averaging over 22,000 viewers. Although stylishnoob4 doesn’t play VALORANT as much as ShahZam, he is able to attract the highest number of average viewers as a VALORANT streamer.

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Written by Echoga Emmanuel