Twitch: Empowering Community Moments

Twitch Impact On Gaming

Streaming on Twitch has become a huge part of internet culture since its inception in 2011. However, it did not really take off until 2014. Thanks to Twitch and other live streaming platforms, video games and esports have become immensely popular.

Twitch: Empowering Community Moments
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For gaming as a whole, it has always been around. Almost no matter who was around, you could always find a gamer. Whether they were a “cool” kid or even one of the shy ones, you can bet they played video games. Once Twitch came around, they just became bigger.

Thanks to Twitch, it became cool to be considered a gamer. A viewer would see someone like them streaming a game they like and think to themselves that it was okay. These streamers have helped make gaming popular again. The streaming industry has grown about 92% year-over-year, with 7.46 billion hours of content watched across all the major platforms.

Esports has been a massive benefactor to the popularity of Twitch streams. They have almost become synonymous with one another. While other streaming platforms have gotten the rights to some games, Twitch will still get the bulk of the options. Esports can only get bigger from here, and Twitch will be at the forefront of it all.

With Twitch needing to keep things fresh for its consumers and its streamers, they have to update and get people excited. On the 1st, the Twitch devs announced some new features coming to their Drops function. They now have Event-Based drops, EventSub subscription, and new enhanced experiences API.

Let’s dive in and learn these new features.

Event-Based Drops

Twitch Drops are in-game rewards given to the viewers who watch specific streams. These drops also depend on the developer as well. If a game you’re playing has Twitch Drops, all you need to do is link your Twitch account and the account for the said game and collect the rewards on Twitch.

The new Drop feature, Event-Based Drops, offers an opportunity to help make the aces, clutches, pentakills, and other key moments memorable experiences for a creator’s community. It also helps incentivize people to return to their game so they can try and replicate that moment. This new feature benefits the developer as well as making it fun for the consumer.

Drops Entitlement EventSub Substriction Type

Twitch announced a new subtype along with the new Drops system. EventSubs are subscription types that fans use to receive notifications when viewers have earned in-game loot, allowing game developers to entitle goods more quickly.

This has been a frequently requested feature by the creators. It gives them a chance to better grow with their community. They will be able to engage in the stream more and empower the community with more Drops. This new subtype can help grow the communities for streamers.

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Enhanced Experiences (E2) API

The last new feature to be added along with the subs and Drops is the new Enhanced Experiences API. The supplied SDK will also be available. With the SDK, you can send the required data for event-based Drops and start creating campaigns.

For those with existing Drops, well done, you already have a head start. All you need to do is include the SDK, send the data, create campaigns, create the trigger, and everything else works identically to time-based rewards.

With the data traveling quicker and more thoroughly, it will give streamers and viewers more of a connection than ever before. This will benefit the streamers the most because it gives them more to interact with their communities.

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Written by Michael Martinez