Valve opens to integrate Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass in Steam

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Valve has announced that the company is open to adding Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass to Steam.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Valve’s founder Gabe Newell said the company has no intention to make its own subscription service for its video game digital distribution service, Steam. However, the company is more than happy to “work with” Microsoft integrating theirs.

“I don’t think it’s something that we think we need to do ourselves, building a subscription service at this time,” Newell said. “But for their customers, it’s clearly a popular option, and we’d be more than happy to work with them to get that on Steam.”

Newell’s statement might be good news for fans since a great amount of Microsoft games and some of its exclusives ended up on Steam. Although, this decision could prove difficulties following EA’s subscription service joined Steam last year.

Takeaways for fans, users

Newell and the company’s stance appear to put customers at the center stage. Regardless of how the Xbox Game Pass would work on the platform. However, the integration of Microsoft’s subscription service is much likely will not be available anytime soon.

Further, fans might want to wait for further developments regarding this matter, but Newell assured fans that a step has been taken alongside Microsoft about the service to make its Steam debut. The 59-year-old added if the people want it, then the company should make it happen.

“We’ve talked to people there quite a bit about that topic,” Newell added to PC Gamer. “If your customers want it, then you should figure out how to make it happen. That’s where we’re at.”

Adding more services to Steam would also mean more developer promotions and access to exclusives for the platform’s users. However, critics added, if Microsoft’s subscription service arrives in Steam, it means that Valve would only receive 30% generated revenues as per Tom’s Guide.

Previous cases from EA, Sony

Following EA’s subscription service Steam debut last year, this far the said service only supported basic service. While the company’s EA Play Pro, which provides premium versions to brand-new games and its best titles remains exclusive to EA’s Origin launcher.

In addition, while it is still unconfirmed, the reasoning behind EA’s decision could mean many things, from losing portions of commission to Valve or the company wanting more accessibility to their own launcher.

Valve’s stance in not making its own subscription service is a shocker to many. Subscription services are known for being an industry-breaking service, putting new release titles early on.

On the other hand, Sony also acknowledged that the subscription model does not make any sense. Unlike Microsoft’s subscription service, Sony is not into launching a subscription platform just for adding new release titles or first-party titles.

“So putting those into a subscription model on day one, for us, just doesn’t make any sense. For others in a different situation, it might well make sense, but for us it doesn’t,” Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan told in 2020.

It remains unclear how Valve and Microsoft’s decision will turn out in the end.