Versailles Heroes to release mystery boxes on Binance

Versailles Heroes has announced on Twitter that it will launch a limited supply of mystery boxes on Binance on November 25, ahead of its game testing.

The whitelist event has had 10,000 slots filled in just 48 hours. The project reached over 100,000 followers on social media in a month, with its Discord channel recording over 46,000 members.

Those who buy a mystery box will have an opportunity to obtain legendary-level hero weapons and NFT heroes randomly. Purchasing a mystery box allows early NFT holders to earn more profits than purchasing straight from the NFT market.

Before being listed on Binance, the NFT project was already live on OpenSea, Coinbase, the OKX NFT marketplace and other exchanges.

Once the game is released, the NFT project will begin a round of Initial Dex Offering (IDO) to community investors, which is predicted to be the lowest price in the history of the VRH, one of the game’s tokens.

More than 70 percent of VRH will be distributed to community investors to kick-start the Decentralized Automatic Organization (DAO) governance.

VRH is mainly used for in-game transactions, like purchasing gold, NFT and props. The game’s other token, MOH, is used to assist with DAO governance outside the game, which includes voting, pledging and trading.

Versailles Heroes’ features

Versailles Heroes has been compared to Warcraft and League of Legends for its gameplay. Like both games, the heroes are listed in roles like mages, assassins, marksmen, tanks, supports and more. The game’s characters and their weapons, built on the ERC-721 network, are classified into four tiers — common, rare, epic and legendary.

Players are encouraged to upgrade their heroes to receive various privileges and token awards in battles, including legendary-level heroes and weapons and daily MOH rewards. MOH can also be obtained by playing for gold, while pledging and voting are the main methods of obtaining VRH. Both of these tokens can be bought and sold on the market.

MOH has an additional, major function outside the game. It can be used to trade for Gas, which players use to speed up the weight of their mining process up to 2.5 times and ensure even distribution of both MOH and VRH.

Versailles Heroes features five maps — the Empire of Missihill, Empire of Dresk, Rothstein Metropolis, Azbanca and the North Thousand Islands. Each area has its own roles and the characters who reside there

The game has various modes like Practice Grounds, Deathmatch, Battle Royal (4 vs 4 Classic Match), Solo/Duos, Trophy Collection (4 vs 4 Special Game), Inhibitor Rush and many others. These modes ensure players with various preferences remain engaged with the game.

Versailles Heroes incorporates GameFi, DeFi, NFT and Metaverse aspects into a pure chain game. It is built on Ethereum to take advantage of its ecological prowess and technological effectiveness.

The game plans to strengthen its ecosystem by becoming an advanced framework for game planning, design and production. The development team also provides exceptional gaming experience in player interaction and participation.