Wave Break Splashes The Way

Making Waves

Wave Break may look like a cute game at first but is not intended for children to play. It is a skateboarding game with third-person shooter elements and mature content throughout. There is a filter option to disable the language, though. Customize your critter in multiplayer or play as a drug-dealing foul-mouthed Bear in the story mode. It is an indie game with a high learning curve but a visually appealing atmosphere and a well-scored soundtrack. Wave Break was released on June 11th on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Wave Break
image credit: funktronic labs

Surfs Up

Wave Break’s controls and gameplay mechanics are very similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles. You’ll be aiming to complete a variety of tasks via skateboating. This could be maintaining a combo run while collecting all of the letters that spell out “COMBO.” It could also mean hitting a certain score within the timer given. What feels like an add-on feature than a true core gameplay element is gunfighting. In the campaign, it’s rarely used in meaningful ways and doesn’t contribute much more than allowing you to say that you can kill people like in GTA. With a little more focus on incorporating this into more missions, it may have felt more connected than a slap on gameplay mechanic.

In multiplayer, you’ll have two options: Team Deathmatch and Time Attack. Team Deathmatch is straightforward where your team is looking to rack up more kills than your opposing team. Time Attack is a free for all in which everyone is aiming to get the highest score possible. While doing this, though, you’re also able to shoot your opponents down. This will break any combos they had going and cost them a little bit of time to respawn and get moving again.

Waves Worth Breaking the Bank?

Wave Break features an amazing earworm soundtrack of 80’s tunes that will likely not leave your mind hours after stepping away from your controls. Additionally, the glossy look and Miami Vice theme color schemes pair with the music perfectly. While playing the game, you’ll likely experience a range of emotions. This could be extreme frustration as you try to figure out the controls and deal with time constraints, or excitement and awe as you do a crazy trick on your boat and blast away other furry animals with an AK-47. The two-minute timer is harsh in the campaign mode since the gameplay is tricky to master. One reason it is difficult to master is that there is no game tutorial section.

This could leave you a bit stranded in early levels when you don’t know how to accomplish tasks. To further complicate the objectives, there is no mini-map option to help you navigate your surroundings. Overall, if you’re looking for something unique and you’re a skating game vet, then this game is worth the price tag.

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Written by Trevor Forrest