OWL Summer Showdown Qualifiers Recap

Overwatch League is officially in Stage 4, and it kicked off with the Overwatch League Summer Showdown Week 1 qualifiers.

This OWL esports tournament will have three weeks of qualifiers. The League has divided the teams into the East and West regions. The top six teams in the West and the top four in the East will qualify for the regional knockouts.

Overwatch League Summer Showdown
image credit: Overwatch League

The regional knockouts will feature a single-elimination format. The ten qualifying teams will be those featured for the regionals. The top two teams from each region will then qualify for the tournament weekend.

The tournament weekend will be a double-elimination format with the final four teams. When it comes to esports betting, the regionals will be the time to start watching. They will give you an idea of who to keep an eye on for the maximum profit.

Top Performing Teams

For the first weekend, four teams stood out and showed what they could bring. Each of these teams won both their matches pretty single-handedly. The top teams were the Toronto Defiant, Paris Eternal, Seoul Dynasty, and Boston Uprising.

The Seoul Dynasty inclusion is not a surprise considering their current form. Not only are they in second place in the East, but they are also considered one of the stronger contenders in all of Stage 4. After surprisingly missing out in the June Joust finals, Seoul is out for revenge.

Toronto Defiant is another team to keep an eye on. They swept both of their matches, respectively. Admittedly both teams are lower than them on the overall standings but win nonetheless. Staying middle of the pack seems to be Toronto’s go-to. They must just surprise everyone going into the next weekend.

Paris Eternal is something many did not expect. They are in the lower half of the table but came out on top after two comeback wins. The one match in particular that stands out is against the LA Gladiators. LA is significantly higher on the table, but Paris clawed out an overtime win.

Lastly, we have the Boston Uprising. Another middle-of-the-pack team, Boston, had an easier route this weekend. They played two of the bottom three teams in the west, similar to Toronto. They did show two dominant performances, so that is something that can’t go unnoticed. The Uprising could be an interesting dark horse team to keep an eye on.

Worst Performing Teams

There are only two teams who just did not perform, but only one comes as a shock. This weekend’s three bottom teams were the Vancouver Titans, Florida Mayhem, and surprisingly, the San Francisco Shock.

Unfortunately, it’s not too surprising to see Vancouver or Florida on this list. Both are bottom three in the overall OWL standings, with the Titans being at the very bottom. Both got blown out in their respective matches. Both will attempt to redeem themselves next weekend, but you can’t expect too much.

The one that came as a surprise was the underperforming San Francisco Shock. SF, who are second in the West, lost one and barely squeaked out another. Both against teams lower than them. The Shock is usually favored going into qualifiers but seems to fade out as the tournaments go on. They will have to change it up if they want to get out of their slump.

Upcoming OWL Events

The next round of qualifying begins this weekend. This is the last week before the top teams go into the regional knockouts. This time we will see more of the top teams coming into the fold. With Shanghai Dragons and Atlanta Reign leading the way, it will be interesting to see who can come out on top with them.


Written by Michael Martinez