FIFA 21 Pitch Notes Summary

In recent Pitch Notes from EA for FIFA 21, the devs announced Preview Packs will be available in the FUT store. The packs will be available during the remainder of the Festival of FUTball.

These packs will provide a  peek at what is hiding in the pack before purchasing. This will help you decide whether you’ll want to use your coins or see if it is worth using your real money via FIFA Points.

Fifa 21 Patch Notes
image credit: EA Sports

Preview Packs will be the only pack type available in the FUT Store during this time. At the end of the Festival of FUTball event, the will revert back to normal.

If you do end up buying a Preview Pack with either coins or FIFA Points, you will experience a new in-game flow. This flow will show you the specific items within packs before you purchase them.

Here is a quick look at how this will look like:

  1. In the FUT Store, you can select a Preview Pack to preview its contents. It’s important to remember that you are not yet purchasing a pack by previewing its contents.
  2. Next, you will see all of the items contained in the pack, allowing you to review them in full. If you decide that you want to buy the pack you can now do so by pressing the appropriate button as highlighted on the screen below.
  3. If you decide you want the pack and select “Buy Pack,” you will be given one final prompt asking you to confirm your purchase and choose whether to use FUT Coins or FIFA Points.

Just a warning, any packs that are not directly purchased from the store, such as rewards from Division Rivals or earned from an Objective or SBC will not be Preview Packs. These packs will continue to function like before.

Fifa Patch Notes Pack
image credit: EA Sports

Should Gamers Be Excited About the Latest Pitch Notes?

Honestly, they should be excited. The Preview Packs give the players even more control, which is not common for EA. This is also a surprising addition, considering that EA loves to push for FIFA Point purchases.

The big thing that FIFA gamers should be excited about is the fact that they can see before purchasing. For example, a Rare Players Pack (24 rare player cards) costs 100,000 coins or 2000 FIFA Points ($19.99). This is supposed to give out the best possible cards, but every FIFA player knows that it is not always the case. These Preview Packs can help decide if the player wants to risk the coins/money on that pack.

EA has received a lot of flack regarding the FIFA Point system, and players have accused them of enabling gambling. The packs can help prevent that because it could reduce the amount people who are willing to gamble on FIFA Points.

If this goes over well post Festival of FUTball, this could easily be one of the best things for the future of FIFA Ultimate Team. If interested in esports betting visit our betting section today.

Written by Michael Martinez