Top CDL Players Right Now

We are heading into Stage 5 of the Call of Duty League, and things are heating up. As usual, the Atlanta Faze are in first, who have won back-to-back majors. They are the favorites, but there’s still time for surprises.

The Dallas Empire has crawled their way to the top two after some great performances, despite having a worse record than those below them. Going into the championships, they are a team to keep an eye on, especially for esports betting.

We’re not just here to talk about the teams, though. The focus is going to be on the top CDL players themselves. Without these players, the teams would not be where they are. Then some are potentially being held back by their teammates.

Call of Duty League Top Players
image credit: Dexerto

Here are the top four CDL players for the 2021 season so far.

4. Arcitys (Atlanta Faze)

Starting off the list is the AR expert for Faze, Arcitys. The 22-year-old has been with Atlanta since last September and has made an immediate impact. Arcitys has been in every roster for each of the last four Stages and the Majors.

He is one of the best Assault Rifle players in the current game. After struggling in Stage 2, he came back and won Player of The Stage for Stage 3. While players such as Simp, aBeZy and Cellium may get more of the spotlight than Arcitys, his consistent slaying was essential to their wins. He helped get them the win they needed to win Stage 3.

3. Cellium (Atlanta Faze)

The next on the list is fellow Faze teammate, Cellium. He joined Atlanta back in October 2019. He has been a versatile player for the team, playing whatever role required of him.
Known as the “Clutch King,” Cellium has always pulled through in the end for his team. Regardless of the opponent.

Cellium has been dominant throughout the 2021 Call of Duty League season. However, Stage 4 saw him play some of his best COD yet. Cellium won Player of the Stage. His excellent performances with the Krig saw him and FaZe go undefeated in Stage 4 as they continued their great run of form.

2. Shotzzy (Dallas Empire)

At number two on the list is Shotzzy, the former Halo World Champion turned COD champion. He joined Dallas in October 2019. The 19-year-old has continued to be the standout player for Dallas this year. He helped carry the team into the Stage 4 Grand Finals after falling into the losers bracket.

Like Cellium for Faze, Shotzzy’s versatility has been key for Dallas. He is one of those players that you just love to watch. It’s his quick and unpredictable movement that makes him so good. He did not always start like this, though. He had a rough start to his time in Dallas.

After finally finding his footing, he has become one of the deadliest CDL players. After becoming a 2020 world champion and earning himself season MVP in 2020, it’s no wonder why he is high on this list.

1. Simp (Atlanta Faze)

Call of Duty League
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The number one player on this list is none other than Simp, the third Atlanta player on the list. Formally known as “Simplicity,” Simp joined Faze in March 2019. He is one of six players ever to win the World Championships in their first season.

Besides Stage 2, where Atlanta missed out, Simp has led the team to three Major wins and earned himself MVP of Stage 1. He is making an even bigger name for himself as he sets his sights on season MVP for 2021. He is seen by many as the best CDL player in the world right now.

2019 was his best year yet. He was just bursting on the scene, but everyone knew who he was. In the end, he took home numerous awards, including MVP and Rookie of The Year. There is a reason why he is number one on this list. His career is just starting, but it’s exciting to see how much better he can get.

Written by Michael Martinez