Web3 gaming platform Tamadoge launches arcade game ‘To The Moon’

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Tamadoge, a play-to-earn (P2E) Web3 gaming ecosystem inspired by the Shiba Inu dog meme, launched its third arcade game, “To The Moon,” on Wednesday.

The launch followed the success of the platform’s first two games — Super Doge and Rocket Doge — which were big hits among gamers. The third game is hoped to continue the trend.

To The Moon involves users competing to bounce their Tamadoge NFTs as high as possible on a pogo stick, avoiding obstacles such as spikes and seagulls to collect coins along the way.

“The team continues to deliver on our public roadmap and we’re already proving that players love casual Web3 play-to-earn games. This third release will definitely add to that momentum.”

Jon Bishop, Tamadoge CEO

“We’ve seen incredible engagement across all our games which has translated into thousands of dollars worth of winnings being split between all participants,” Bishop said.

Bishop expressed his excitement for the launch of To The Moon, saying that the team is committed to providing their community with enjoyable games and the opportunity to earn real TAMA rewards.

TAMA, Tamadoge’s native token, will play a central role in the Tamaverse, which will be released soon.

Tamadoge recently made its public roadmap available for investors and users to track the team’s progress.

Tamadoge arcade games’ key features

To The Moon is expected to be as popular as the previous games — if not more popular — due to its fun and engaging gameplay.

Super Doge itself has been played over 11,000 times, with an average of 32 plays per user in the first week after launch alone. Players have shown high engagement with the chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of TAMA each week.

Tamadoge Arcade games are currently only available on desktops through web browsers but will soon be available on mobile devices. Non-crypto users can play the games in the free-to-play mode.

Players can use Tamadoge NFTs to boost their skill-set attributes to improve their gameplay and winning chances. There are three types of Tamadoge NFTs — Ultra Rare, Rare and Common, with 100 Ultra Rares, 1,000 Rares and 20,000 Commons available.

New Head of Gaming joins Tamadoge

In addition to launching its latest game, Tamadoge hired Ozan Daldal as its new head of gaming. This marks Bishop’s first significant hire since joining Tamadoge a few weeks ago.

Daldal has an impressive record in the Web3 gaming industry, having held senior positions at crypto-gaming platforms like Infinity Arcade and Coda. He has rolled out 30 Web3 games in total, including 15 available to play on mobile, with a combined total of over 100 million downloads.

“I’m really excited to have Ozan onboard to lead on the gaming side of the business,” said Bishop.

“Having worked with him before, I know he’s a talented and driven person who brings top-class expertise… Ozan will be pivotal to us delivering and growing the great gaming experiences outlined on the public roadmap.”

Daldal is adamant that there is a potential for Web3 gaming to become mainstream.

“Web3 gaming should be mainstream and I want to make that happen,” he said.