Web3 music platform’s first project garners $2m within few days

Public Pressure and Moonsama recorded $2 million in revenue just days after launching their first collaborative Web3 project — a music and gaming NFT collection.

Founded by Sergio Mottola and Francesca Versace, the Web3 music platform Public Pressure debuted in 2015 as an online magazine. It recently rebranded as a Web3 platform to provide new sources of income for creators in the music industry.

Public Pressure’s first Web3 project is a collaboration with Moonsama to incorporate music as a gaming utility for the first time within the Moonsama gaming metaverse. The company partnered with Universal Music Group recording artists Merk & Kremont to develop a series of “PODs” or NFTs featuring songs for use within the Web3 gaming platform.

“By bridging digital and physical worlds, we’re offering labels and artists a new way forward with innovative formats for their art,” said Mottola. “The success of this collaborative drop confirms our belief—that the future of music and culture consumption is on Web3.”

Each song grants a power-up in the Moonsama multiverse. These include speed, immortality and invisibility. PODs can also be equipped with characters, allowing them to play obtained songs.

“The plan is to attract more games to our network which utilize our ecosystem assets,” Moonsama founder Donnie Big Bags said. “The music NFT PODs are the perfect way to show cross-project and cross-metaverse utility. The first of its kind!”

The NFT collection included 3,333 limited edition NFTs for a fixed price of $600 each. There are some previously unpublished music tracks by Merk & Kremont in the collection, which sold out in a few days.

“We already have a very strong community, in fact the largest in the Polkadot ecosystem. However, I’ve observed in the “Metaverse”

Donnie Big Bags, Moonsama founder

Moonsama metaverse

On September 21, 2021, members of the Moonriver community launched Moonsama for the first time. The metaverse now has over 1,000 weekly unique players. Its 2.0 edition expanded the functionality of Moonsama NFTs, allowing them to be equipped and developed with NFTs from other blockchains, such as Ethereum.

“We already have a very strong community, in fact, the largest in the Polkadot ecosystem,” Donnie said. “However, I’ve observed in the ‘Metaverse’ space there are a lot of projects only handling 50 people at a time on screen, giving a kind of ghost town feel. We’re building an ecosystem, not just a project and want it to feel populated.”

The new Moonsama customizer lets players equip their Moonsama with various NFT weapons, backgrounds, off-hands, cosmetics and other items. Moonsama’s goal is to develop the best equipable multiverse that allows the use of audio NFTs.

Public Pressure helping musicians transition to Web3

Based in London, Public Pressure has offices and team members in Europe, Hong Kong and the United States. It describes itself as an “eco-friendly, carbon neutral” NFT platform that facilitates the transition of musicians and music to Web3.

Public Pressure is adamant that the transition will provide creators with a “fair and equitable” direct-to-fan strategy, skipping production and distribution costs in established Web2 environments.

Maresca explained that the company believes Web3 products like NFTs are more than just a new revenue stream and a manifestation of the constantly changing marketing mechanics. Public Pressure aims to use the power of ownership to benefit artists, labels and fans.