Wenmoon Studios hosts event for upcoming blockchain MMORPG

Wenmoon Studios is hosting a launch event from September 23 to September 27 for their blockchain-based MMORPG Age of Zalmoxis, which recently joined the cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC.

Users who hold at least 10 more MX or USDT can sign up to earn a share of the 1 million KOSON, the native token of Zalmoxis, distributed throughout the event. Registering for this event will also allow users to utilize the newly implemented sharing system.

Age of Zalmoxis is based on the Elrond blockchain and the Unreal Engine, offering a fantasy world inspired by European mythology for players to explore. The developers have said that the game will contain thousands of quests, dungeons for players to explore and conquer and a variety of events for players to interact with one another and grow. Players can earn NFT characters by the in-game marketplace or from guilds. These characters can be developed by using them in combat, entering events or exploration.

Wenmoon Studios puts a significant emphasis on creating a story-driven experience where players can influence the world through their actions, and a major selling point of the game is its setting. The developers are working with Dr. Alexandru Berzovan of the Iași Institute of Archaeology in order to create a unique setting that is both fantastical and unique but grounded in real-world ancient Dacia.

“The project ‘Age of Zalmoxis’ of Wenmoon Studios is a great opportunity to bring life to the ancient Dacian period and make it accessible to all interested. I am honored to be part in such a pioneering project,” said Dr. Berzovan.

Player agency in Age of Zalmoxis

Age of Zalmoxis uses a “Narrative Content Model” to create “seasonal branching story content that changes based on player choice”. There are three tiers of stories possible, ranging from short Vignettes that add some backstory and depth to the world, Tales that can affect a player’s personal storyline, to Sagas that are season-spanning events that change the world for the whole player base. A system is placed to generate daily content and maintain a flexible storyline based on player actions and agency rather than a planned, rigid plot.

“For example, a caravan of merchants are killed by raiding monsters. The merchants belong to a group attached to a specific city. If a surviving merchant their home city, their city’s group will register that specific monster’s group as a threat. This could create Vignettes. Alternately, if similar Vignettes were recently presented, the city could create an event where a small military force search and destroy the monsters,” wrote Wenmoon Studios.

Another way that players can influence the world is through virtual land ownership through Land Chests. These SFTs, which can be obtained through trading or events, will grant players a Land Token, a random legendary item and a potential Alpine Land Plot when opened. Alpine Land Plots give access to rare and valuable places on the game’s map, while Land Tokens allow a player to directly choose a location on Age of Zalmoxis’ interactive map to claim as their own property.

Players can then develop their property by using more Land Tokens, creating facilities such as a castle or manor house to host guests. Owning land also lets players harvest resources by themselves or charge other players a commission fee to collect resources on their land.