What Are The Highest Payout Casino Games?

Welcome to our guide to the highest payout casino games. We’ll show you which online casino games give you the best chance of winning back your stake. Perfect for anyone who’s tired of giving all of their money to online casinos. We found that all casino games tend to pay out differently. For example, you’ll find that you might win more games of blackjack compared to slots or even vice versa. Plus even the wins on offer can vary significantly among certain games.

All of this means that it can be hard to know which online casino games to play. Thankfully our guide is here to help, so join us as we shine a spotlight on the most profitable casino games.

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Understanding How Casino Games Pay Out

highest payout casino games

While it’s good to play casino games for fun, it gets a little more interesting when you can win something back from your wagering. The key thing to remember here is that all casino games will be set up in a different way to give you different chances of winning.

For example, playing a game like the one found in our Book of Dead slot review will have you essentially playing on the results that are set up by a random number generator. This will be set up in a way that produces random results, but also it gives you slightly more chance of losing than winning.

This is known as the house edge, and it’s what keeps online casinos in business. While you will get a fair chance of winning, the odds will always be in the casino’s favour. This is why it’s always best to do some research into the casino games that are set up in a way that gives you a marginally better chance of winning.

Finding The Casino Games With The Best Payout

There’s a lot of information online about how most online casino games pay out. You can just take a look at something like our Reactoonz slot review and you’ll get all of the facts you need about how likely you are to win this game.

Such information will usually be presented as the game’s return to player percentage (RTP%). This refers to how much of your stake you would win back if you played that game over time.

Let’s take an example. If you look at our Immortal Romance slot review, you’ll see that this game has an RTP of 96.86% This means that if you wagered £100 on this slot, over time you could expect to get £96.86 in return.

Remember that such a figure isn’t written in stone, but it gives an indication of how that game pays out on average over time. As such, understanding a casino game’s RTP is essential for figuring out whether it’s profitable or not.

A Quick Word About Casino Game Volatility

As well as a casino game’s RTP%, you’ll need to understand its volatility. This refers to how big the payouts are, as well as how frequently they are paid out.

For example, a high-volatility game could be a progressive jackpot slot. These are those games where you can win a massive amount of money back, but such wins are fairly rare.

In contrast, a low-volatility casino game is a game where you would expect to win fairly frequently, but the payouts from these wins might not be too spectacular.

Why Table Games Are The Most Profitable Casino Games

highest payout casino games body

Now you know about volatility and RTP, you’ll need to find those casino games that offer you a good blend of risk while having some decent payouts.

Most casino gamers will know that table games tend to be the most profitable. This is because when you play games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, the return to player percentage is usually around 99%. This is a very low house edge, and it goes some way to explaining why so many people want to know how to win at blackjack and all of the other table games.

In contrast, the majority of online slot games tend to have a less favourable RTP%. This means that most slots will only payout about 95% of your stake over time on average.

However, there are exceptions. Some famous slots like Mega Joker and Thunderstruck 2 have an RTP of around 99% which could give you a potentially much better way of winning. Just note that it’s pretty rare to be able to play these online slots with any kind of casino bonus.

Conclusion – Helping You Find The Highest Payout Casino Games

Our guide has shown you that there are lots of things to consider when it comes to deciding which casino game to play. Not only do you have to think about how often these games pay out, but you’ll also need to factor in what kinds of payouts these games serve up in terms of their sheer size.

The good news is that you can come back to our guide to find those casinos with money games online that you actually have a fair chance of winning. So pick one of our featured casinos and enjoy playing the highest payout casino games.


What is ‘payout’ in casino games?

Payout in casino games simply refers to how often a casino game will payout on average. Such information is usually presented as a return to player percentage.

What does ’97 payout’ mean?

A 97 payout will mean that a casino game will pay out 97% of the stakes that you had wagered on it. So if you played a casino game with a 97% payout, you would get a return of 97% of your stakes if you play that game over a long amount of time.

What is ‘1 to 1 payout’ in casino games?

A 1 to 1 payout casino means that you have an equal chance of winning the games on that site. Such casinos are fairly rare because it is the fact that they have a house edge that keeps them in business.