How to Win at Online Roulette

Welcome to our guide that shows you how to win at online roulette. Roulette is perhaps the most iconic casino game of all-time. While it’s hugely popular, there is little denying the fact that people lose more than they win when they play roulette. After all, the whole mechanism of the roulette wheel is to serve up completely random results.

This means that it’s no surprise that many people get frustrated when they are trying to figure out how to win at online roulette. But by checking out some of the following tips, you can minimise those losses and hopefully get some more wins when you play one of the best money games online.


Stick with outside bets – Keep things simple

Betting on roulette games either means putting down an inside or an outside bet. Inside bets can serve up massive returns, but they are harder to win. Outside bets might not pay out quite as well, but they are much easier to win.

Common outside bets include the likes of betting that the ball lands in either a red or black pocket, or whether the ball lands on an even or odd number. Such outside bets will clearly give slightly less than half a chance of winning your bet which is significantly higher than many inside bets.

Only play European roulette – Put the odds in your favour

When you play roulette, you’ll normally be playing either European roulette or American roulette. Of these variants, European roulette gives you a slightly better chance of landing a winning result. This is because European roulette only has one single zero, whereas American roulette has a single zero and a double zero too.

As a result, American roulette has one more pocket than its European counterpart. This means that the house edge of playing American roulette is raised to 5.26% compared to just 2.7% for European roulette.

Understand the odds of different bets – Know your chances of winning

If you want to know how to win at online roulette, then you’ll need to know the different kinds of bets and how they work. There are dozens of different bets in roulette that all have different probabilities of landing you a winning result. As such, it’s essential that you get to know how bets like column bets, corner bets and street bets compare in terms of balancing out your chances of winning compared to the payout you receive.

Give the En Prison rule a try – Get money back for your next round

We can’t give any tips for how to win at online roulette without mentioning the En Prison rule. You can only do this in European roulette and it means that if you’re betting on red or black, or odd or even, then your bets will be placed ‘in prison’ should the ball land in the zero pocket. This would carry your stake over to the next round, and you’d win your money back should you win on the next spin. Sadly you’d lose your stake if you lose your next round.

Find the roulette game that suits you best – Experiment with different variants

It’s important to note that there are many different kinds of roulette games out there and each variant has something to offer different kinds of gamer. After all, if you go to the Betway online casino, you’ll find much more than the standard European and American roulette games. We’ve seen plenty of weird and wonderful auto-roulette games along with roulette games that take place over multiple tables at once. We’d recommend sticking with the roulette variants that offer the simplest gameplay so as to make it easier to concentrate on racking up those wins.

Try freeplay roulette games – Get practicing to avoid those losses

While roulette is largely based on chance, it’s also true that practice makes perfect. The good news is that many online casino sites let you play single-player roulette games in a free play mode. This allows you to try out different kinds of inside and outside bets without you having to put your own money down. A great way to learn without worrying about making any mistakes.

Manage your bankroll – Essential for knowing how to win at online roulette

When you play casino online games, you’ll be wagering with real money. This means that there’s always the risk of getting overly emotional in how you wager on roulette games. As a result, we’d always recommend that you play with stakes that you don’t mind losing. This means setting yourself a budget and keeping your bets modest. After all, even the biggest roulette gamers will hit a nasty losing streak now and then and the trick is to anticipate these by keeping your bets within your means.