Aavegotchi NFT Game Review

Developed by Singaporean PixelCraft Studios, Aavegotchi is a crypto game that integrates decentralised finance with non-fungible tokens. Players can stake avatars with assets in the Gotchiverse. The Gotchiverse is the Aavegotchi’s metaverse where players can engage in farming, battling, and trading. Gotchiverse consists of the Beyond, the Citadel, and the Grid.

What is an Aavegotchi?

An Aavegotchi is an ERC-721 non-fungible token representing ghosts found in the Ethereum blockchain. The value of the token on the blockchain changes depending on collateral, Aavegotchi traits, and wearables. ERC-721 standard is also used by games like Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties

Aavegotchi Crypto Game
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Before you start playing this crypto game, the first thing you do is acquire some GHST tokens. GHST is the native cryptocurrency that drives the Gotchiverse. You can use the tokens to buy the Aavegotchis, portals, consumables, collectibles, and wearables.

You can gain the tokens in several ways, but first, you need to click on the “Get GHST” button found on the main menu. You can then choose your preferred method of obtaining the token. There is an option to buy from the bonding curve or exchanges such as Binance, QuickSwap, Kraken, or Uniswap.

After obtaining the GHST tokens, it’s now time to head to the marketplace. The Bazaar is the main marketplace for Aavegotchi, or players can bid for portals during the Haunts events. Alternatively, players can summon an Aavegotchi from the Realm through the portal. Summoning a friend is easier than having to buy a portal first. There are 10 friends available for summoning, but you can only have one. The nine remaining ones get burned forever.

You, therefore, need to be careful when selecting an Aavegotchi because they all have unique characters. A good Gotchi (friend) should have a base rarity score of 500 BRS and above.

If you decide to buy a portal first, you need to stake your tokens, often referred to as the spirit force to the portal. The assets you stake give your Gotchi an intrinsic value.

Interacting with your Gotchi

This NFT game aims to encourage players to raise unique Gotchis while interacting with them. You can pet your Gotchio every 12 hours by paying a small fee. Constant petting helps you earn kinship scores by 1.

You can also interact with your Gotchi by feeding consumables bought from the Bazaar marketplace. The consumables increase the value of your Gotchi.

Aavegotchi Wearables
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You can also buy wearables for your friend to increase the base rarity score. Finally, you can rename your Gotchi to your favorite name from the one you gave initially.

Understanding Rarity Farming

In Gotchiverse, the more unique your friend is, the more rewards you get. The rewards are based on 40 percent of all GHST spent on the ecosystem. Rarity farming happens through experience, kinship score, or rarity scores.

Aavegotchi Tokenomics

The initial GHST distribution took place via pre-sales, private sales, and bonding curve sales. Players are rewarded with the rarest of Gotchis using funds generated from the sale of portals, consumables, and wearables. The reward system aims at encouraging rarity farming and maximum pet engagement.

The system rewards the top 100 rarest scores, the top 100 experience scores, and the top 100 kinship scores. During live rarity farming seasons, rewards will be distributed after every two weeks through Onchain Snapshots.

Notably, 5 percent of all GHST earned is burned forever to balance the supply and demand. Burning lowers the amount of GHST in circulation, thus raising the liquidity for buyers and sellers alike. 40 percent of the revenue earned goes to the development team. At Aavegotchi, we value the development team because we would not have gained success in the market without them.