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Binemon is one of the NFT play-to-earn games that allows players to breed, battle, and trade pets (Mons). The game has seen significant evolution since its first introduction. Inspired by the Pokemon animal battle game, Binemon is among the first 3D idle RPG games. Binemon is an open world because it gives players the liberty to explore as the game unfolds endless possibilities. This game can be played on your browser or as a mobile application supported on both Android and IOs devices.

In 2021, Binemon introduced the game to help gamers invest in cryptocurrency. NFT games are taking the crypto industry by storm for all good reasons. Binemon is at the forefront to help gamers get entertained while at the same time earning cryptocurrency. The developers took more than one year to develop and conceptualise the game. 

Binemon Crypto Game
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The Binemon Story

When the developers of Binemon set out creating this crypto game, this was the idea they had in mind: An alien race had invaded planet Earth, found in a distant galaxy, and created creatures called Mons. The earth is divided into 5 different continents: Ice, Wood, Fire, Desert, and Water. The desert was at the center, in which no life, other than the wandering merchants due to the harsh climatic conditions, was found. The Mons occupied the four continents around the desert which acts as the border for battles. Other than the usual instances of conflict, the developers created a world full of peace.

Binemon Rarity

The way Binemons are created is in its way unique. Creating a unique Mon requires different body parts that all increase to its uniqueness. Players can obtain new hatches or fuse the Mons to increase the statistics. Rare Mons fetch the highest prices in the marketplace. 


The ecosystem of Binemon has three types of coins. DRK trades in the marketplace, AMB represents Ambrosia, and the BIN serves governance purposes. Players earn AMB through battles but trade it for DRK at the marketplace.


Binemon offers a player versus player (PvP) and a player versus environment (PvE) battle. Binemon universe consists of 5 continents that players can explore. The PVE system includes the Ancient Tower, World Bosses, and a Campaign.

Before players can commence any game, they need to acquire Mons to fight for them. Each battle should have a formation of 5 Mons, and all of them take turns to play. There are 100 turns for each battle with a match every 2 hours. The classification of Mon is races, ranks, and classes.

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The game ends in a draw if both players cannot defeat the Mons within the turns. You can increase the number of turns by improving your game speed to have double turns within the same timeframe.

Types of Skills

Notably, each Mon will have two skills: the passive and the ultimate skill.

  • You receive ultimate skill when you hatch an egg, and class influences the skill.
  • Players earn the passive skill randomly when they hatch eggs, and race affects the skill. The races are cats, titans, unicorns, and dogs. Classes are five: mage, support, tank, and fighter.

Having ultimate skills determines the outcome of the game. Possessing the ultimate skills helps players determine which formation can give them the best outcome. Other than class, the interaction statistics also determine a player’s ultimate skills.

Interaction statistics are MP regen, critical damage, critical rate, dodge chances, and HP regen. It is also important to note that different pet body parts have different values. The main parts are the head, face, ears, tail, horn, body, skin, and wings.

Players enjoy lots of perks and rewards from sponsors and partners throughout the game. Players can also collect eggs, earn lands, and other collectibles. The players are also at liberty to trade their assets at the marketplace for coins.

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