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Age of Tanks NFT game is easily one of the most enjoyable play-to-earn games that we’ve come across. This is because you’ll be blasting your opponents into oblivion with some high-powered tanks while earning lots of tokens and NFTs. Let’s take a closer look at what we found in our Age of Tanks review!

What is Age of Tanks?

No, we’re not talking about that Netflix series. Instead, we’re referring to the Age of Tanks, one of the most popular new crypto games. It’s a game where the future is pretty dreadful. The ozone layer has burned off and there aren’t any oceans either. All that there appears to be are endless solar winds and a bunch of armoured vehicles. 

This is where you come in as you have to build up your army of tanks and seize control of the metaverse. From here you’ll find that it’s a familiar turn-based strategy game that all takes place on the blockchain. If you think of a tank-based version of Hearthstone crossed with a crypto game like Axie Infinity, you’re halfway there. 

Age of Tanks crypto game
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How to Play the Game

Above all, Age of Tanks is a fun game to play. Once you’ve got your tanks together you will be able to take part in simple one-against-one challenges or even enter in some massive 7v7 contests. 

Away from the tank-based carnage, you’ll also get the option to join different guilds. These are where you use the various facilities to boost your squad’s armoury and even form alliances with other players. Keep an eye out for Champions as these are customisable characters who you can equip with superior items to ensure your metaverse success. 

What is the main token?

Most of Age of Tanks will see you hunting down the ever-elusive Brodium. This is the resource that you earn in all PvE campaigns and it is critical for being able to access the mystery warchests that give you everything you need to upgrade your tanks. 

However, it’s the $A.O.T tokens that’ll really take you to the top of the metaverse. You get these for winning the PvP battle contests and the more tokens you get, the higher you rank. Higher rankings are basically what gives you better rewards – both on a daily basis and at the end of the season. 

There is also the option to stake your tokens on the blockchain meaning that you can get some passive income for all of your hard work – definitely a more relaxing way to earn compared with battling in the 1v1 $AOT Arena!

Age of Tanks NFT
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Different Kinds of Age of Tanks NFT

NFTs play a major part in the Age of Tanks gaming experience. This is because once you have earned enough Brodium you will be able to get into the war chests and pick up all of the cool tank parts with various rarities you need to make your own War Tank NFT. 

We should note that becoming a Dominus is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting plenty of NFTs. This is because a Dominus basically owns the Land and Facility NFTs which are of such scarcity that they hold immense trading value. Noteworthy Age of Tanks Facility NFTs includes the likes of Iron Forge, Brodium Mine, Dome Nation, and many more. All of which have tradable value and ensure that you’ll continue to enjoy all that Age of Tanks has to offer. 

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