SolChicks Review: Play to Earn Fantasy Game

Welcome to our SolChicks review. We found that this is easily one of the most fun play-to-earn games we’ve come across. Take a look below to see how you can get your own SolChick!

What is SolChicks?

SolChicks is a fantasy game that is based on the Solana blockchain. It’s a play-to-earn game meaning that you can earn tokens and NFTs from your gameplay that could have real-world value. 

Just so you know, a SolChick is a warrior chicken. There’s a bit of a backstory about how these chicks got exiled from their home planet as a result of a villainous fox, but that’s probably not the reason why you’re playing this crypto game

SolChicks Crypto Game
Image credit: SolChicks

Thankfully SolChicks has got great graphics that marry the cuteness of the main SolChick characters alongside some surprisingly well-rendered fantasy worlds. The only downer is that it doesn’t operate on a free-to-play model so you may need to invest to get started on SolChicks.


The game offers you a fun fantasy world that’s populated by all manner of cute and cheerful SolChick characters. It’s a game where you’ll compete and cooperate against others in the gaming metaverse. There are two gameplay modes at present which include the standard PvP option as well as the fun Raids gameplay mode. 

There’s plenty of battling in SolChicks as you use a range of weaponry against other players as well as some particularly nasty monsters such as the infamous SolFox. Each battle you win will see you gaining EXP points and once you’ve got enough of these, your SolChick will gain a level and see its overall value increase. However, a far more sedate option is to breed SolChicks and then sell them for a profit on the marketplace. 

What kinds of tokens can you get?

All players will get paid as a result of their gameplay. This means that the more you play, the more you can potentially earn. You’ll get paid in the form of $CHICKS tokens and you can check your earnings progress on the weekly leaderboard and MMR rankings. There are 10 billion of these tokens and they are based on the Solana blockchain. By collecting $CHICKS tokens you’ll also gain the right to vote on new game features. 

SolChicks Crypto Game
Image credit: SolChicks

Beyond this, there are SolCoins which are the actual in-gaming currency. These can be used for many different important tasks to progress your SolChick through the game. You’ll also get a chance to earn special in-game rewards that could include anything from an exclusive NFT to Shards of Love (SLC) which can then be sold on a marketplace.

What about SolChicks NFTs?

Each SolChick is an NFT. This means that each character that you play in this NFT game is a complete one-of-a-kind collectible. The good news is that there is a seemingly limitless number of these SolChick NFTs to pick and choose from. We saw SolChicks NFTs that looked like cute cowboys and angelic bikers, or there were even some slightly Christmas-themed SolChick NFTs. Plus we even saw a SolChicks NFT that looked like a tuxedoed punk!

SolChicks frequently hosts special NFT drops, and at the time of writing this review, it looked like there was a range of exclusive NFTs to be launched on the Binance NFT marketplace. So get your SolChicks NFTs before they’ve all gone!