TryHards NFT Metaverse Game Review

Read our TryHards review to see why this could be the most enjoyable play-to-earn NFT game you’ll ever play. While other crypto games can get bogged down in blockchain technicalities, TryHards keeps everything on the right side of fun. 

But how do you play TryHards? Actually, it’s pretty easy as you just need to get a Fanatic, a big weapon and obliterate your opponents. Fun right? Keep reading to find out more!

What is TryHards?

TryHards is a shooting game where you use your Fanatics characters to fight each other. It’s a play-to-earn game that features its own tokens so that you can get a handy little income while blasting your opponents deep into next week. The creators of Fanatics have also made sure that the game includes a cool social feature where you can chat with other players. 

TryHards Crypto Game
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Interestingly TryHards is actually an NFT game that takes place across different blockchains. This means that you can play to earn across the likes of Polygon, Solana, and Binance – all thanks to the Chainlink VRF. Just so you know, for the moment you’ll have to play this crypto game from the browser of your computer as there’s no mobile app currently available. 

All About the TryHards Game

It’s seriously easy to play TryHards. First of all, you will need to have a MetaMask wallet and then purchase a Fanatic character and a weapon. The wallet has to be connected to the Polygon blockchain. 

From here, it’s a matter of taking part in one of the PvP battles. Here’s where you get to stake some of your tokens and the winner takes all of the prize pool minus the small fee imposed by the game’s creator. 

The good news is that TryHards is entirely a skill-based game meaning that it doesn’t fall into that nasty ‘play to win’ category. So pick your Fanatic, select your weaponry and start gaming!

Understanding What a TryHards Token Is

Trading is a massive part of what makes TryHards so much fun. This is because you’ll be spending plenty of time at the TryHards marketplace deciding how to spend your $TRY tokens. So you’ll get to browse through all of the weapons, crystals and fanatics according to characteristics like faction, universe power, rarity, and so on. 

TryHards Crypto Game Marketplace
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There are 200,000,000 of these kinds of tokens and there will be a series of releases of the tokens scheduled over the next couple of years. Beyond the marketplace, you can also use $TRY tokens to do things like crafting materials and even earn passive income by staking your tokens. Just so you know, the $TRY tokens can be traded directly on the Quickswap Polygon trading platform. 


NFTs are the game’s main characters, weapons, and any other important bits of kit. You can buy a TryHards NFT direct from the web platform using the $TRY token or at any decent NFT marketplace. Each of these NFTs has a different level of scarcity ranging from Normal to Legendary. Obviously, the Legendary NFTs have a higher value, but you can raise the value of any TryHards NFT by using crystals to boost the Universe Power rating. 

Remember that the NFT you get will automatically be staked meaning that they will rise in value regardless of what you do with them. From here you’ll get daily rewards in $TRY tokens from the NFT staking reward pool.