Phantom Galaxies NFT Game: Everything you Need to Know

Phantom Galaxies is a third-person RPG shooter game where players operate starships. The game revolves around a backstory where two communities: the Union and the Commonwealth of Neoterra, were constantly at war. However, for the past 50 years, the two communities have co-existed in harmony but face a common enemy – the Sha’kari. Their mission is to fight humans for destroying their planet. The enemy is well equipped and uses advanced technology whilst the human race is weak.

Phantom Galaxies Crypto Game
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Phantom Galaxies Gameplay

The player starts the game as a mechanised starfighter pilot who later climbs up the ranks to join the ranger squad of experienced pilots. You get to select a starfighter from the Assault, Buster, Lancer, and Breacher Frames classes as a player. As you progress in this crytpo game, you get to upgrade the mechs of your starfighter for different specializations in combat.

Players use starfighters for both combat and exploration in the Phantom Galaxies. The starfighters exist in different generations, and you can upgrade yours through a fusion process. Starfighters’ primary modifiers or characteristics are Frame, Armour bonus, Thrusters, Shields, Overheat capacity, Cargohold, and Weapon slots.

Phantom Galaxies makes use of different tokens, both fungible and non-fungible. PHTM tokens are used for starship fusion, governance, repairs, rent payments, and insurance.

Manufacturing Starfighters NFTs

There are two stages of minting starfighters. The first stage is building from scratch, in which players must first obtain a base Frame. You can get a base frame from the Phantom Galaxies or player organisations. You cannot fly a base frame starfighter without taking it through the second fusion stage. If you don’t want to obtain a base frame, you can rent or buy a pilotable starfighter.

The second stage is the fusion process and which takes place at the Fusion Facility. The process requires that players have the base frame NFTs and other resources. The fusion process takes place randomly depending on the number of in-game resources a player has and the stability of the token.


As part of the play-to-earn features of the game, ‘Mercenaries’ allows players to rent out their starfighters to beginners. You can only rent your starfighter if you have many. The feature helps players who want to play higher levels of the game, but their starfighters don’t have the capability. Beginners can also rent starfighters if they don’t have enough resources to mint their own.

Phantom Galaxies Crypto Game
Image credit: Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies Avatar NFTs

Avatars help to differentiate an NFT game from one that is not. Avatars come in batches, and players mint them from a core parent. The traits of the parent Avatar are passed on to the batches. Each Avatar represents the unique character of each player. Players should aim at minting the rarest and most unique avatars because it increases their chances of leveling up in the game.

Property Ownership and Organisations

As a player, you can own property either as an organisation or alone. All the properties have unique coordinates within the galaxy. Players can have different assets such as factories, refining plants, and more. The property owners must also pay rent to Phantom Galaxies.

Players can group themselves into different groups with common goals. Phantom Galaxies players can group themselves: DAO, Corporate, Private, Warlord, Democratic, and Sponsored.

Each group can have different players depending on the property they choose as their headquarters. For example, a Planetary Base can have many members without limitation. Phantom Galaxies provides organizations with tools to help with governance. All organizations must then pay operation costs.

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