Aurory: Futuristic JRPG-Inspired Play-to-Earn NFT Game

Aurory is a role-playing game built on Solana blockchain. It was founded by Yann Penno and Paul Vadillo who are experts in the gaming world. Penno has 14 years of experience in the industry. He is the brain behind the Aurory animation and the exceptional design of the game. It was launched in August 2021 and has since attracted thousands of players across the world.

Aurory trading takes a straightforward path allowing players to travel and interact in the Crypto and Antik world. It has different modes and is based on a compelling JRPG. The 2D animation is hand-drawn, and players follow the quest for Helios. Helios are futuristic cat-looking creatures, which players can trade or catch. Helios are the key to taking you through different game modes.

Aurory Crypto Game
Image credit: Aurory

How to Play Aurory

Aurory is a high-quality crypto game. This game has an excellent polished demo where the characters can work anywhere globally.

Aurory game has two main game modes. One of them is the Player vs Environment, which is also referred to as PvE. The second mode is the Player vs Player or PvP. If you choose to play the PvE, your main activity is to search for Helios. You only advance when you negotiate with the non-player characters (NPCs) and overcome opponents.

In the Player vs Player mode, you will engage in ranked tournaments and friendly duels with other Neftie trainers worldwide. According to the developers of the game, more modes will be introduced in the future. 

A duel is between two teams and includes a draft system, which enables players to predict their opponents’ next move and react on time to enhance their chances of winning.

Earning Aury Tokens

In both play modes, players earn Aury, which is the Aurory’s token. The token can be traded on CEX/DEX or Aurory’s marketplace. For a player to place stakes, they must have $Aury tokens plus a Web3 Wallet, which should be SPL compatible. The user should also have enough $SOL to cater to the transaction fees. Notably, as little as 0.1 SOL is enough to cover several transactions.

Aurory is well-set up on the Solana. This blockchain is fast and charges very little for transactions. Solana can process more than 50,000 transactions in a second. It performs coordinated optimizations to ensure that users enjoy an impressive performance.

Aurory Crypto Game
Image credit: Aurory

Aurory NFTs

As an NFT game, Aurory’s NFTs are Aurorians. They are the visual identity for players. This means your Aurorian is your Avatar. The NFTs enable you to access the game modes and test or validate any additional modes in the PvP mode. Apart from being used as collateral when borrowing on the Serum DEX, these NFTs will earn interest for users in the future.

Aurory uses a play-to-earn mechanism, similar to what Axie Infinity utilizes. Players earn NFTs through gaming and spend them on buying collectibles in the marketplace. But most players use it to increase their chances of winning the game. 


Aurory tokens have a max supply of 100,000,000 coins. The Aurory initial DEX offering remains the biggest on Solana. This is how the development of Aurory was successfully funded. Players can earn interest when they stake or farm with their Aury coins. Only Aurorian NFT holders can participate through a special ticketing system to prevent the value of the token from diminishing resulting in undesirable temporary demand followed by short-term selling pressure.