Chumbi Valley: An Enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn NFT Game

Chumbi Valley could be one of the cutest blockchain games that we’ve ever seen. While the whole thing looks like a cross between Pokemon and Totoro, it’s actually a pretty cool play-to-earn game. This sees you breeding Chumbis, batting Chumbis, and doing everything else you can to make these Chumbi NFTs more valuable. Sound good? Then keep reading our review!

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is a play-to-earn NFT game that’s built on the BSC and Polygon blockchains. The basic premise of it is that it’s a role-playing game where you’re free to roam around the valley doing everything from breeding Chumbis to doing some farming. However, the main reason why everyone is playing this game is that you can earn some awesome tradable NFTs.

It’s a game that takes a fair amount of inspiration from Pokemon and Stardew Valley in terms of the visuals. However, there’s enough charm here from those Studio Ghibli films like My Neighbour Totoro to keep things interesting. So let’s have a closer look at what you can expect to find down in Chumbi Valley. 


There’s a near-limitless number of things that you can do in this game. You can farm rare seeds and then grow crops that’ll serve up tokens that grow on the blockchain. Then you could go exploring through a mystical portal where you’ll find all manner of rare NFTs. 

Chumbi Valley Crypto Game
Image credit: Chumbi Valley

Lots of gamers like to set their Chumbi friends to work in gathering resources from the valley that can then be used to craft NFT items. Or you could dim the lights and breed your Chumbi with other Chumbis. Remember that each Chumbi has a unique combination of ears, eyes, horns and so on, so each Chumbi you create will be completely different. 

Not that it’s all about procreation as there’s also a fair amount of battling to be done in Chumbi Valley. You might find your Chumbi at war with some nasty cursed Chumbi creatures. It sounds horrible, but you’ll get a higher level and receive better rewards if you succeed. Finally, we should note that there’s even an entire Chumbi Village to explore!


NFTs are everywhere in this crypto game. This is because each Chumbi is an actual NFT. This means that each Chumbi you collect is completely unique and your ownership of it will be logged on the blockchain. From here, it’s entirely your call whether you keep hold of your Chumbi NFT to watch its value grow or sell it to someone else. 

Chumbi Valley NFTs
Image credit: Chumbi Valley

The makers of this play-to-earn game released some Seed Chumbi NFTs to launch the game which were reportedly the rarest Chumbi NFTs that will ever exist. While you can’t get them direct from Chumbi Valley anymore, check your favourite NFT marketplace to see if you can get any of these ultra-rare digital assets. 

Chumbi Valley Token

Every kind of creature you see in Chumbi Valley is actually some form of token that has value. Plus all of the in-game items are also blockchain-based tokens. These tokens can be traded with other players or be sold on a marketplace. 

We should note here that the makers of this game have issued a warning that there are some fake tokens out there posing as the CHMB token – so be warned!