CryptoPlanes: New Play-to-Earn Addition to CryptoCity Metaverse

Our CryptoPlanes review found that this is a play-to-earn game that’s well worth playing. Not only can you get involved in awesome battles in the air, but you can buy, sell and trade all manner of cool airplane NFTs. Sound good? Then let’s take a closer look at what we discovered in our CryptoPlanes review!

What is CryptoPlanes?

If you’ve played CryptoCars, then you’ll have a good idea of what CryptoPlanes should be all about. This is because CryptoPlanes is the latest expansion of the CryptoCity metaverse meaning that you’ll have a great way to pick up some plane-shaped NFTs on the Binance blockchain.

There’s an entire backstory to CryptoCity featuring some guy called Dr. Devais, alongside some cat robots and even some aliens. We’re not totally sure what it’s all about, but it could have something to do with climate change. Our advice is to skip the slightly convoluted story and just get on with figuring out how to play CryptoPlanes. 

Image credit: CryptoPlanes

How does gameplay work?

The main point of CryptoPlanes is to take part in various missions where you have to beat your opponents. Each battle could either be against another player or a computer opponent. There are also some useful training missions or you could even take your plane into battle against a car which is particularly good fun.

If you manage to succeed in your battles, you’ll be rewarded with EXP points and you’ll also be granted tokens. Collecting EXP points is very important because when you get enough of these you can upgrade your plane level – therefore making it much more valuable. 

What is the CryptoPlanes token?

The main token in CryptoPlanes is the $CPAN token which can easily be added to any Metamask wallet. You’ll mostly be earning these CryptoPlanes tokens through winning your battles, but there are also options to farm these tokens via the virtual training mode. Plus the sale of a plane will obviously cause you to pick up more tokens. 

Tokens can be used for a variety of purposes such as buying and selling materials, and you can also use it outside of the crypto game in the form of staking or just sell it outright on an exchange.  There are 100 million of the $CPAN tokens in existence and 45% of these are used in the play to earn game. The tokens exist on the Binance Smart Chain with standard BEP-20.

Can I get a CryptoPlanes NFT?

You sure can. Each plane that you fly in CryptoPlanes is actually an NFT. These all come with their own unique characteristics for things like speed, fuel, power and air. It’s the combination of these factors that makes each plane unique and therefore very tradable as an NFT. 

CryptoPlanes hosts its own marketplace where you can browse, buy and sell NFTs. For example, you could sell the Water Boatmen plane for around 550 $CPAN tokens, and then save up to upgrade to the cool Paradox plane NFT for 569 $CPAN tokens. 

There are so many CryptoPlanes NFTs to pick and choose from and they all feature the same cool, cartoon-style graphics which should help them become highly collectible. Just remember that you can only sell your plane after 20 days of owning it, and there’s a fairly hefty 25% sales tax to contend with. But on the whole, it’s a great example of how NFTs can boost the gaming experience.