Save Red Dead Online – Is Rockstar Killing Red Dead’s Multiplayer?

If there’s one thing that Rockstar is known for, it’s the huge intervals between new releases. For example, Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, and by 2022, there’s still no news of a follow-up title. Between Red Dead Redemption and the second iteration, there was a gap of eight years. Now, Rockstar appears to be relying on the multiplayer portions of each franchise to keep the cash rolling in. However, fans have been crying out as part of a Save Red Dead Online Twitter campaign, claiming that the game is rapidly dying.

Is Red Dead Online dying? One thing is for certain, and that’s that Rockstar simply isn’t providing any meaningful updates for the Western epic. Instead, the titan of the gaming industry is pouring resources into the now eight-year-old Grand Theft Auto Online, leaving Red Dead fans disappointed and somewhat abandoned.

The Historical Aspect

GTA Online has been seen as something of a flagship for Rockstar Games for several years. It’s the ultimate cash cow for the company, pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars every year, with GTA V still being a massively popular title. However, while Red Dead Redemption 2 was a best-seller, the multiplayer portion isn’t comparable to GTA Online, despite boasting a considerable cult following.

Save Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online looks good on the surface, but issues lay within. (Image Credit: WccfTech)

To put it simply, GTA Online has real legs, and Rockstar has constantly pumped it full of content. From expansions to new cars, clothing, and weapons, and from celebrity appearances to special, exclusive, and seasonal events, GTA Online is regularly updated. Conversely, Red Dead Online consistently receives updates that come in the form of mere bonus events, timed benefits, or slight, cosmetic changes.

While Red Dead Online is the younger title by far, it has done nothing to knock the bigger brother off the top spot. It isn’t helped by the fact that GTA Online has a thriving ‘RP’ scene, which helped to make GTA V the most-watched Twitch title in 2021. Although, after almost a decade, GTA V definitely deserves a sequel.

Save Red Dead Online

As of January 2021, the #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign was trending on Twitter with great gusto. Almost overnight, it seemed that fans crawled out from the shadows to defend their much-loved multiplayer adventure. At the top of the table of concerns sat the claim that Red Dead Online is dying unless Rockstar Games steps in and provides some valuable, fresh content. While GTA Online received a massive and impactful update, featuring Dr. Dre, Red Dead Online received a month-long campaign of just in-game bonuses.

If Rockstar Games was looking to save Red Dead online, there are a few things that players believe could help. For instance, many things that already exist in GTA Online could be ported over, such as heists and robberies, properties, multiple characters, and more story-based missions. Furthermore, fans of Red Dead Online would love to see the inclusion of private lobbies, a more rigorous anti-cheat platform, the ability to purchase farms and ranches, and adding in the ‘Guarma’ map from the single-player mode.

Save Red Dead Online Farms
Fans would love to see the inclusion of managed farms in RDO. (Image Credit: Red Dead Wiki)

Where GTA Online has full-fledged businesses and corporations, massive and multiple properties, and more content to shake a stick at, Red Dead Online feels empty. It’s easy to see why the Save Red Dead Online campaign is trending, and it likely will be until Rockstar Games takes action. While Red Dead Redemption 2 is so far away from being one of the worst-rated games of all time, Rockstar seems to be reluctant to make it something incredible.