Ghost Block Play to Earn Game Reviewed

We’re not saying that Ghost Block is the scariest game we’ve ever seen, but it could be one of the funniest in a spooky kind of way. However, it’s probably the fact that the game is play-to-earn that could get you interested. 

It offers a unique take on the crypto gaming revolution as you’ll be buying and cloning ghosts, and there are also some pretty cool staking options. So keep reading this review to see how you can enjoy blockchain gaming with a spooky twist!

Ghost Block Play to Earn
Image credit: Ghost Block

What is Ghost Block?

Ghost Block is a play-to-earn game that’s based on the Binance Smart Chain. You can either play it directly from your web browser, or there is also mobile gaming available for all modern iOS and Android devices. 

As Ghost Block is a crypto game, you’ll need to have a crypto wallet to get started. The game’s developers recommend using the Metamask wallet and you’ll need to have purchased at least one ghost with the BNB crypto to get started.

While it is still a relatively new crypto game, it’s still got a bunch of cool features in the pipeline such as PVE and PVP gaming options, as well as carnival and scholar features. So watch this space for more about that!


The main action of Ghost Block all takes place within the typically spooky town of Bedeville. This is filled with all manner of ghoulish delights, and it’s your job to scare the living daylights out of the poor residents of the town. As a result, you will have to purchase your first ghost with BNB and then summon some kind of ghost army from the ground. From here it all gets much weirder.

This is because you’ll probably be hanging around some abandoned churches cloning NFTs and then selling the NFTs at a creepy haunted house. There is also the option to stake your NFTs in a weird castle – perfect if you like to earn from a passive income. 

Ghost Block Crypto Game
Image credit: Ghost Block

The ECTO Tokens

The supported Ghost Block crypto token (ECTO) is actually called $Ectoplasm in the game and you can stake paired tokens with the mad scientist in the Research Lab to earn further tokens. But that’s not the only staking option you get. This is because you can even stake your ghostly asset in an exorcist’s church to earn some pretty cool $Holywater tokens. Just remember that most kinds of staking have fixed time limits, so be sure to factor these in before you commit yourself to be locked in an exorcist’s church until the end of time!

Remember that all tokens earned in the game can be sold for other BEP-20 tokens. From here you can buy, sell, and trade these tokens like you would any other digital asset. All of this shows that you’ll have no shortage of fun ways to get tokens in this cool play-to-earn game

Ghost Block NFTs

Non-fungible tokens form a major part of the Ghost Block NFT game. This is because the ghosts that you raise from the dead are actually NFTs that you earn. These are sure to feature plenty of cool artwork of the undead that you clone. From here you can then sell these ghostly NFTs on a marketplace for BNB. 

At the moment it’s still too early to see what further NFTs will be released with Ghost Block. But one thing’s for sure and that’s any NFT to be released is going to be pretty spooky!