Telltale to release The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer following 2019 announcement

Video Screenshot - Youtube

The trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2 trailer is coming this Wednesday, February 9, 2022 after a teaser trailer at The Game Awards in 2019.

The Wednesday live stream will begin at 10 am PST/1 pm EST/6 pm GMT on The Game Awards official Youtube and Twitch accounts hosted by Geoff Keighley. In addition to that, fans will be provided with a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

The good news of the return of Telltale Games’ anticipated sequel is brought up by the industry’s titan Canadian video game journalist Keighley. He tweeted on his Twitter account about the 30 minutes livestream event and what to expect.

“Wednesday, it’s finally time: Greetings from Fabletown! You’re invited to join me for a behind-the-scenes look at The Wolf Among Us 2,” Keighley said in his tweet.

Although there is not much to make out from the announcement of the live stream event of information such as fixed release date and specific platforms yet.

Telltale Games was best known for their craft in making choice-based story-driven games and loved by many fans with their own authentic style in the gaming industry.

Telltale Games’ past bankruptcy

One of which is The Walking Dead series which landed them multiple Game of the Year Awards in 2012. After lineups of successful projects mostly based on Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy launched on the market, the company went into bankruptcy in 2019.

Telltale’s bankruptcy ended up with the cancellation of many projects and titles, one in particular which got affected is The Wolf Among Us 2.

The Wolf Among Us 2 was announced way back in 2017 and pushed back to the following year due to the video game company Telltale Games’ cease to exist in 2018.

Telltale’s sad conclusion has led to some fans being mournful since games developed by the studio are set on a halt and following the coming liquidation, some of the company’s video games have been pulled out from Steam.

However, the company is not staying on the sideline for long. Until LCG Entertainment purchased the assets of Telltale Games and got it up and running in 2019.

After the studio’s revival in 2019 and seeing the announcement this Wednesday, the studio is likely to have been working on The Wolf Among Us 2 between 2020-2021.

The upcoming video game is known to be developed as a collaboration between Telltale Games and AdHoc Studio which in part staffed by former Telltale developers.

Details known about The Wolf Among Us 2

Furthermore, The Wolf Among Us 2 is set to be a direct sequel from the first installment of the series and set six months after the original multiple reports suggest. Currently, in full production with a finalized script, the game is expected to have a winter setting all over New York.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is set to adapt Telltale’s episodic format as per The Indian Express. Additionally, fans do not have to worry for months for new episodes to be released. Instead, the studio has planned to roll out the entire game once the development is finished.