Heroes of Mavia: Play-to-Earn MMO Strategy Game

Inspired by games like Clash of Clans, Heroes of Mavia is a base-builder strategy game where players play and earn real cryptocurrency. The game involves protecting a player’s base from enemies and trading assets for RUBY or MAVIA tokens in the marketplace.

In January 2022, Heroes of Mavia developer Skrice Studios (based in Vietnam) announced that it had closed a $5.5 million seed funding round led by Binance Labs. Other investors include crypto research firm Delphi Digital and software comapny Animoca Brands. 

What to expect from Heroes of Mavia

In the Mavia ecosystem, players build their base and a solid army to protect it from attackers. Players can also invade other weak bases and rob them of their oil and gold. When players conquer bases and other opportunistic enemies, they earn RUBY tokens.

Players then use their earned tokens to upgrade their bases, statues, and heroes, therefore further increasing their earning potential. Notably, a player will explore vast lands via land reveals that remain undiscovered in the Mavia ecosystem.

Users can use a crypto wallet, MetaMask, or Trust Wallet to create a player profile. The game has a decentralized governance system that allows players to participate in major decision-making processes. Another notable feature is the multi-lingual support for mobile and desktop to support players from different backgrounds.

This crypto game is still under development and will launch in the second quarter of 2022. It will be available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Heroes of Mavia Gameplay Crypto
Image credit: Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia NFTs

The Heroes of Mavia NFT game uses three NFTs to trade in the marketplace for Mavia tokens. The bases, statues, and heroes are the main NFTs.

A base is a must-have for all players in the Heroes of Mavia. While Heroes and Statues are optional, players need them to strengthen their base. Heroes are the troops that help base owners protect their territories and attack enemies. A player can use the unique heroes to attack the opponents when they least expect.

Statues boost a base with more resource generation capabilities (oil and gold) and decrease the refill times.

Notably, a player can own many bases with a headquarters where all the control occurs. Players should aim at upgrading the base headquarters to raise the value of the NFT. A multiple base, heroes, and statues owner can also rent to other players to earn Mavia tokens. A base can have unlimited heroes, each with a unique strength.

Heroes of Mavia Crypto Game
Image credit: Heroes of Mavia

More about the Mavia Ecosystem

Land is the most valuable asset in the Mavia ecosystem. All lands start as a level 1 base and increase value as a player upgrades the troops and builds walls, fences, and other structures.

In Heroes of Mavia play-to-earn game here are some of the ways players earn money:

  • Playing the game: When players build bases, they can fight other bases and win RUBY tokens. As the game progresses and a player strengthens their base, they can tackle more vigorous opponents for greater rewards.
  • Renting out base: A base owner earns rental income from renting out their bases to other players. The tenant pays the owner using Mavia tokens upfront. Tenants then use the base to battle opponents and engage in challenges to earn RUBY tokens. The income earned from a rented base belongs to the tenant and not the base owner.
  • Selling bases: Base owners can also sell their base in the Mavia marketplace for Mavia tokens. When a player sells a base, they pass its value to the buyer, such as buildings and other structures. The marketplace has a buy now option and an auction.
  • Partnerships: Base partnerships are a great way for new players to join Mavia without making any monetary investment. At the onset of the partnership, the base owner decides how they will split the RUBY earned. When the partner earns tokens, the system automatically splits them as agreed in the partnership between the two partners.

The one who borrows a base to use then utilizes it to combat other bases increases the value of the base and joins challenges for income. A partnership usually has a start date and an end date.

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