MegaCryptoPolis: NFT City Builder Strategy Game

 MegaCryptoPolis is one of the latest decentralised city-building strategy games. This game was created in 2018 and runs as a decentralised application. Over the years, the game has attracted many players thanks to its straightforward and engaging economic strategy where participants earn pieces of land, factories, offices, and houses. The game’s ecosystem needs citizens with jobs and enough labor force to produce more. All these are digital assets and essential to the MegaCryptoPolis Economy.  

 MegaCryptoPolis is a multiplayer strategy game, and so players play collectively to build a big city never seen before. The game’s token is ERC-721 and stored in players’ wallets. This game runs on smart contracts, and every transaction is verified and rendered on the blockchain.

MegaCrypto Polis Gameplay
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In the game, players rent buildings, produce materials needed to construct more buildings, create different citizen generations, drive cars, place ads, and offer some services to fellow players. Sometimes, trading of materials can be made by buying them in bulk from other players at a low price and selling to make a profit.

Everything you own in this crypto game, including buildings, pets, citizens, and land, is sellable. This is how you earn ETH in the game. Constructing buildings is the quickest way to make an income as a landowner. Besides, you can produce essential materials in your construction and sell them in the market.

Playing the Game

Before you can start playing the MegaCryptoPolis, you should have the Ethereum digital wallet to allow you to store all your virtual game assets securely. It is also your login to get started, and you do not need an extra password.

As you progress in this play-to-earn game, you can control the municipal buildings, including fire stations, hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. You make money when a natural disaster strikes because other players seek help from hospitals, police, and fire stations.

MegaCryptoPolis Gameplay
Image credit: MegaCryptoPolis

Another way to earn ETH is through bidding and winning a district. Becoming a district owner gives you a chance to make a commission whenever someone buys a piece of land within your district. You also get part of the money collected as tax from constructions or buildings within the city.

You can play MegaCryptoPolis using MetaMask extension on various browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Brave and Opera, and many others on your laptop or desktop computer. You can also use the mobile Ethereum digital wallets for Android and Apple iOS.

MegaCryptoPolis Token – MEGA

MegaCryptoPolis operates a micro and macro-economic system. They are both powered by the game’s token known as MEGA. This is an ERC-20 governance token that gives participants in the game the right to vote. It means as long as you have the coin, you can vote for any proposed game changes.

MEGA is a popular token listed on various crypto exchanges such as Mooniswap, Shiba Swap, and Hotbit. However, you should note that you cannot buy MEGA with fiat, which means that you need cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC to purchase it. Apart from buying this token through crypto exchanges, there are other ways to get the coins when playing the game. They include locking virtual resources such as water, energy, and wood. In addition, you can rent or own a building or hire citizens to produce various materials to sell to other people.

MegaCryptoPolis is an exciting game. But, it becomes complicated as you go up the levels. Otherwise, you will enjoy playing it.

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