MyMasterWar: Free-to-Play Virtual Metaverse Empire Building Game

MyMasterWar is an online game that uses blockchain technology. As a free-to-play game, players do not need money to start playing. The game has different settings, but it is all about humans craving power and desire to become immortal. They want to own the world and transform the earth and heaven. When playing, you become a king to rule a kingdom, and you have to cross space and time to create battles that help you evolve and improve.

Before you can start playing MyMasterWar, create an account. Players either create a Wallet account or a gaming account. You only create the latter if you desire to buy, sell or rent NFTs in the trading market or invest in MAT token. It is easy to create your account on the game’s website, and after that, you click “Play Now” and move to “Sign Up.” Go on to fill in the necessary details required.

My Master War Crypto Game
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At the beginning of the game, create a character you will use when playing the game. You use gold or wine to get more heroes by recruiting them randomly from the Tavern as you play. You can also use MAT tokens to buy heroes.

This crypto game has gameplay modes such as Boss Fight, Expedition, Arena, and much more. The gameplay is easy, but you must be strategic when positioning yourself before the battle. Match them with enemies according to the unit element counter.

MyMasterWar comes with many chapters according to its plot. However, each game has a unique theme. Every chapter aims to give content that corresponds with the theme. You experience the different chapters, from the easiest to the most complicated. As the chapters level up, they become more challenging.

In every chapter, you will have to go through several stages. The stages are called lands with roads leading to a country with big city gates and troops guarding. To pass from one chapter to the other, you have to defeat the guarding troops or Defeat the Heroes.

Each stage has Normal and Elite, where you play to win battles. The games have Demon Gates of Hell’s Gates. Other outstanding features in this play-to-earn game include National Wars, Arena, Treasure, and EPIC War.

My Master War Crypto Game
image credit: MyMasterWar

MyMasterWar Token

MyMasterWar uses Metamask wallet and uses a token known as MAT. If you have a wallet, it becomes easier to handle your tokens. You will find a tutorial to help you use your wallet. It is easy and the only way to get started with earning tokens.

As you fight, you gain utilities such as healing and skills that enable additional damage. The battle toughens as you upgrade. But you must keep fighting and gaining more experience to make more tokens.

The good thing is that you can borrow some coins or USDT. If you are a holder, you can loan your coins to upcoming traders and earn some interest on your virtual holdings. MyMasterWar is a lasting game, and therefore, the total amount, lock rate, allocation ratio, and much more are evaluated carefully.

In this NFT game, players profit through winning battles and seizing strongholds. Players can sell NFT generals in the market and encourage others to register with MyMasterWar and earn some tokens. The game’s biggest advantage is that new players are not required to purchase anything to start playing. Buying NFT generals and game goods increases your chances of making money.

Most MAT tokens are spent within the game’s environment but players also use them for trading in the market.

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