Infinite Fleet: Travel to 2150 in this Sci-Fi MMO Strategy Game

Infinite Fleet is an epic video game created by veteran game designers including Samson Mow. This sci-fi MMO is a product from Pixelmatic. The game is set in the future, 2150, and players team up to beat any threat from encroaching aliens. It brings together crypto assets and online gaming at a large scale. Its official token is INF which players use to buy virtual assets. INF is a crypto asset, which means players can transfer their tokens their cryptocurrency wallets.

Any token earned in the Infinite Fleet crypto game is regarded as a player’s own asset. The latest crypto asset concept is applied in various MMO game currencies and sets smooth precedence to allow easy transfer from virtual assets to real ones.

Infinite Fleet Crypto Game
Image credit: Infinite Fleet


The Infinite Fleet is based on a sci-fi strategy where players have fun and trade cryptocurrency simultaneously. New players will have to create a new account through the website, it is a free and quick process. When playing this game, players take control of AI-controlled fighters and many starships to defend humans living in the USF or the United Sol Federation. 

As a player, you must do all you can to defend humanity against alien threats. It is fun and challenging to fight aliens whilst also earning tokens. While this game is similar to other crypto online games, it is unique in its ways. One of its outstanding features is the flexibility of virtual assets ownership. You only need to play to own spaceship NFTs, and even new players have an opportunity to do so.

In this play-to-earn game the player takes the role of commander. Players must know how to customise their Fleet and secure territories as they move into space. Players can enjoy exploring this online game online alone and earning currency. But the game developers recommend you play with an opponent.

Infinite Fleet Crypto Gameplay
Image credit: Infinite Fleet

Infinite Fleet Token

The Infinite Fleet token is INF. It is the in-game currency and can be traded among participants to acquire assets. The token is also used in peer-to-peer trading among players and vendors. It is even easier as the game comes with a mobile app to send or receive INF tokens or move your INF to other external wallets. Players have total control over their tokens and can spend them in real life.

In the Infinite Fleet NFT game, NFTs are starships, and players need them in order to play the game. While you can buy the Starships using PayPal, the now fully operating Infinite Fleet game economy allows players to purchase starships and all virtual assets using INF tokens.

Players can use the Infinite Fleet game’s token earned by playing the game through the “proof of participation” model if just getting started. In short, players cannot buy INF tokens but can earn them through gameplay by participating in missions and special events in the game. More NFT virtual assets will be introduced to the game as it keeps on getting better.

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