Horizon in Apex Legends: How to Play

What’s Special about Horizon in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular hero-shooter games in the industry right now. And the game’s new arena mode has it poised to become even more popular at esports tournaments.

With a diverse roster of characters to play with and unlock, newcomers may be wondering which of them they should be aiming for first.

Horizon in Apex Legends is one such hero players may find intriguing. She was once arguably the most dominant character in the game, but recent nerfs have made her more balanced. Still,
even with the nerfs, she’s a potent character who can destroy enemies in many unique ways.

Horizon in Apex Legends
image credit: ea.com

Understanding Horizon’s Abilities

All characters, including Horizon in Apex Legends, have three passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities.

Passive abilities are the most common and don’t need much effort to trigger. Players in gunfights will mostly deploy tactical abilities. Ultimate abilities take some time to charge and are usually the character’s most powerful ability.

Horizon is a character who thrives in open space, and her abilities make her deadly with the high ground. Her passive ability, titled Spacewalk, increases her movement control in the air and will reduce fall impact upon landing.

Her tactical ability, titled Gravity Lift, reverses the flow of gravity and creates a force that shoots players up into the air and boosts them outward once they leave the lift. It’s great for gaining higher ground in a gunfight and for retreating in unfavorable circumstances. Her ultimate ability, titled Black Hole, spawns a drone titled N.E.W.T. that creates a black hole. This black hole pulls players towards it, even through walls and barriers, and traps them quickly. When it despawns, after about twelve seconds, it’ll send out one last blast of gravity.

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Tips for Playing Horizon

Horizon mains will thrive if they can get accustomed to vertical movement and attacking players from above. It may take some initial struggles, but she’s a game-changer in the right hands. Here are some helpful tips that can give players a head start in getting accustomed to her.

For one, her Spacewalk passive ability is extremely useful in getting the jump on enemies from the skies. Thanks to reduced fall impact, Horizon has virtually no gun recoil upon landing. Using this in conjunction with her tactical ability, Gravity Lift can lead to punishing aerial plays.

Speaking of Gravity Lift, it has obvious uses in escaping enemy teams and repositioning to higher elevations. However, it’s also something players can use to scout ahead for enemies from afar, as she can hover at the top of the lift for about two seconds. And if said player is skilled at sniping? Even better.

Of course, Horizon’s most potent ability is her ultimate, Black Hole. It is one of the most disruptive abilities in the game and extremely useful when paired with area of effect attacks or abilities. However, it can also be completely useless if deployed poorly. Here’s how players can avoid that.

For one, the drone that creates the black hole is destructible, ending it prematurely. Experienced players will know this, so try using the black hole when they aren’t in a position to shoot at it freely.

It’s also good to be in a position to directly attack enemies that get sucked in by the black hole. In short, the best time to deploy the Black Hole is when Horizon and her squad are aggressively pushing the enemy.

Horizon has one of the most synergistic loadouts and is an excellent pick for those with good movement and aggressive gameplay. She may not be quite as strong as before, but she’s still in the upper echelon of characters in Apex Legends.

Written by Allan Zeng