PS5 Driving PlayStation Sales

PlayStation Impact on Gaming

The impact the PlayStation has had on the gaming industry can’t be understated. As Sony’s answer to consoles like the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation quickly became a force whose presence is felt today.

Nevertheless, due to Sony’s inexperience in gaming prior to the PS1, expectations from investors of the console’s success were low. Fortunately, the PS1’s popularity was immediate and profound.

Through its innovative technology, the PlayStation ushered in the transition from using cartridges to a CD-ROM and 3D format. This transition leads to mass production and without high cost compared to their old contemporaries.

PS5 Driving Sales
image credit: Playstation

As a result, the PlayStation sold 100,000 units after the first day of launch in December 1994. It then became the first console ever to garner 100 million overall units, proving Sony’s gamble was successful. Soon thereafter, the PS2 became the best-selling game console of all time, with more than 155 million units sold worldwide.

With the next three iterations each selling above 80 million units, the PlayStation’s popularity has yet to recede.

Meanwhile, Sony continued refining its structure to remain relevant and popular by offering fresh perks to its consoles.

The PS2 introduced backwards compatibility, the PS3 adopted motion-sense technology with the Sixaxis wireless controller, and the PS4 implemented cloud and social interactive services like PlayStation Now.

Moreover, the PlayStation’s popularity transcends its hardware. Sony has a PlayStation umbrella brand that covers various traces of media, going from PS Plus to the PS Network. This way, users have an endless array of options to engage with the brand.

Considering the PlayStation’s rich history, it’s no surprise that the PS5 is providing the same level of enjoyment for players as its predecessors, be it in casual or competitive gaming.

What’s Great About the PS5

So what makes the PS5 a step up from the past? The main reason is the improvements Sony made, like reduced loading times when switching games to a more fluid user interface.

Sony created two PS5 versions: the regular edition and the digital edition with a solid-state drive that omits discs. Users can also purchase either the single or multiplayer version of a title, paving a new way to store games.

The Dualsense controller also experienced advancements that all together creates a deeper sense of immersion for gamers.

The controllers now include adaptive triggers, where the controller provides resistance in its buttons based on whatever happens in-game. They also have haptic feedback, which is similar to the former but concentrates primarily on vibrations.

PS5 Sales Update

Nearly a year since its release, the PS5 has already accomplished feats that none of the prior editions have matched. According to Sony, the PS5 cracked 10 million sold units worldwide, besting the PS4’s pace in reaching the same mark by 20 days.

The PS5 is the fastest unit-selling console hardware platform in U.S. history, according to the NPD Group. The tally is in line to meet the 15 million unit sales goal set by executives before the end of 2021.

With a favorable climate, PlayStation is poised to remain on top of the gaming industry over its competitors even after more than a quarter-century of existence.

Written by Pedro Romero.